SC to Palatka, FL

Junior Burger
2003/05/13 16:39:24
We're off to the St. John's river area from Charleston, SC in few weeks. The route will take us down I-95 to Jacksonville, and then back roads folowing the river to Palatka. Any suggestions for stops along the way (I know about the Ga. Pig, if it is still open. The last time I drove down I-95, I didn't see their big sign on the highway, and the phone number on Michael's review has been disconnected.)
seafarer john
Filet Mignon
RE: SC to Palatka, FL 2003/05/13 17:38:52
In Palatka, on the main street, on the south end of town. on your right going south is a good BB joint. Sorry, can't remember the name, but we had good ribs and pulled pork sandwich there this past Winter.

In the Palatka area look for fried catfish - the tiny ones they fry up whole - not the filets. They're worth the trip!

If you have a taste for gator and cooter there are several places along the St Johns that are well known for those items. Our friends who live in the area took us to a couple of places and I was lost and do not know the names. Personally, now that I've had gator and cooter, I can live without them ...

In Georgia take the Pooler exit ( about 15 miles south of the SC border) , drive about one mile into Pooler and stop at Dons Famous BBQ on your left - it's great pulled pork!
RE: SC to Palatka, FL 2003/05/18 10:06:19
In St. Augustine FL(you go right near there when heading south on 95!) there's a place called "Osteens" (205 Anastatia Blvd. St. Augustine FL)! If you like (or LOVE as in my case!) fried will not regret going there for this delicious dish! They are not expensive.Their other dishes are good too but they are WELL known for the fried shrimp! I can't explain it but they are the BEST by far! And I've had lots of fried shrimp! But in season I understand the line can be long to get in, worth the wait. I went with friends in the middle of December and there was NO crowd! LOL When we travel we always like to stop along the way and see different sights! If you've never been to St. Augustine and you have the time, stop in and play "tourist"! It's wonderful!I understand the winery tour (St. Sebastian) is nice too! If you want more eatery suggestions in St. Augustine just write another post! Good luck!
Junior Burger
RE: SC to Palatka, FL 2003/05/28 22:02:12
About three years ago I stopped in Palatka at an old fashioned diner.
You know, the kind that looks like a railroad car. Turned out to be the oldest diner of its type in Florida. The food was good, the locals were fun, and they had some specialties named after past patrons. A lot of fun and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to find unusual places to eat.