Chicken Lounge--Allentown, PA

Ace Holleran
Junior Burger
2005/02/15 11:07:13
Anyone here a habitue? It's the best frickin' chicken sandwich I have ever had? Is the store still there, at the Hamilton split?

Ace in CT
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Chicken Lounge--Allentown, PA 2005/02/16 12:53:06
It's still there, although the Laneco grocery store attached to it is gone and the strip center expanded - nice pool hall, dress shop, etc.

Stepping inside, it would probably exactly as you remember it - a big grill in the center of the room with a circular bar around it and about a dozen tables behind it and always crowded. They've expanded the toppings you can get on the chicken sandwiches, the steaks are still good, and they keep pumping out oversized platters of nachos.

It sure is a Roadfood type of place and even though we go there, I never thought to mention it. Thanks for the reminder.