where should i eat?

Junior Burger
2003/05/14 12:54:20
Any suggestions for bbq, seafood or anything else in outer banks, north carolina?

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: where should i eat? 2003/05/14 13:44:59
We've been going to the outer banks for over 20 years now. The restaurant scene has come a long way. It used to be all you could get was fried seafood and the catch of the day was always spanish mackeral. Now there are a few truly wondeful places to eat there. The top of the line is the Austin Creek Grill located in Hatteras right next to the ferry landing to go to Ocracoke. The chef's credentials are plastered all over the walls and the place is well worth the money. We have also been consistently impressed with the Breakwater also located in Hatteras at Oden's Dock. As for Barbecue, really the only option is Bubba's in Frisco and Avon. It's not bad but the best bet is to stop at some of the barbecue places on the way to the Outer Banks and the way home. After eating seafodd for a week nothing tastes better than some good east carolina pulled pork. Have a great time. We'll be there in July.
Junior Burger
RE: where should i eat? 2003/05/14 15:08:09
I have a t-shirt from 12 years ago. Bubba's I think. Our family really enjoyed it. I had pulled pork over a baked potato.