El Coyote In Los Angeles?

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2005/02/26 08:41:12
Any opinions on the El Coyote in Los Angeles? We're going to be heading out there and wonder if it is any good other than the Margaritas. I know it has an interesting history, but is the food any good?

Filet Mignon
RE: El Coyote In Los Angeles? 2005/02/28 12:38:21
I used to eat lunches there all the time. Haven't been back in years. I gave up when they started putting canned veggies (green beacns etc.) on the tostadas. That turned me off so much I haven't been back since. There are so many good Mexican restaurants to go to here----don't waste your time on there unless all you want is margaritas.
RE: El Coyote In Los Angeles? 2005/02/28 13:48:08
If you want to experience the LA psuedo boho trendoid scene then go. If you want really good food, try either Ito Cho or Osteria Angelini across the street.
RE: El Coyote In Los Angeles? 2005/02/28 14:20:35
They are no longer what they were. The chips are really horrible thick, with bad overly greased taste. The salsa is just as bad, but what I found worst of all was the dust on the plastic plants and the extremely uncomfortable seats. The booth seats are so lumpy and sag so the table is at your chin. I work nearby and it is sad to look up at the happy pictures of the past and know it is really gone. Go instead to El Cholo.
Fred Ferris
RE: El Coyote In Los Angeles? 2005/03/03 17:19:50
You MUST go to El Coyote, for the atmosphere if nothing else. Very historic...or simply sit in the bar and have a deadly margarita....served by the lovely Lin.

Food wise? Ughhhh...the worst. For a really great Mexican meal nearby (and lots of history as well...it was Sinatra's favorite), head over the Antonio's on Melrose. Antonio himself will greet you at the door, and his son Manny will serve you a great Margarita with a smile...really miss this place...
RE: El Coyote In Los Angeles? 2005/04/17 20:22:29
RV dinner style Mexican food is my best description. Nothing special except the history.

Hot chocolate for dessert!

Filet Mignon
RE: El Coyote In Los Angeles? 2005/04/25 04:43:10
If you go to Antonio's you must have the chicken mole. Mole is difficult to get right, and theirs is the gold standard.
lone nut
RE: El Coyote In Los Angeles? 2005/10/13 03:25:25
Well, at least you got the truth about the suckiness of El Coyote. I ate there ONCE. Sat in the booth where Sharon Tate had her last meal. Just a big plate full of gooey, greasy orange cheese, bad chips and worse salsa. El Cholo is 1000% better.