Flanders Fish Market

Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
2005/03/07 08:45:17
It is not nice to put something about the Flanders Fish market right on the front page where I can't help seeing it. It is just a terrible thing to do to someone who lives in Ohio, and hasn't been able to get to Flanders for several years. Not only is the food they serve fantazmagorical (oh, for a haddock sandwich right now), but the soft shell clams and mussels they sell in the market are always terrific -- and oh, so inexpensive. To add insult to injury, seeeing this place here only reminds me of the fact that The Shack is just down the street. Oh, the cruelty! Oh, the lack of humanity!
Junior Burger
RE: Flanders Fish Market 2006/09/20 22:26:49
I can attest to how good it is, I checked it out one time on a day trip to Mystic when my Mom was living in Stamford, now I know why it was featured on The Best Of on the Food Network.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Flanders Fish Market 2006/09/21 15:48:49
Michael, I surely do agree. We moved here to Ohio two years ago and I still have yet to find decent fresh seafood. In fact, hubby and I are craving it so bad that next week we are going to Ocracoke Island, NC just so we can get our fix. I will have some for you, and hoist a beer in your honor.