potatoe salad w/eggs?

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2005/03/28 12:31:08
It seems alot of people make potatoe salad using hard boiled eggs, thats NOT for me.. We took the family version to the neighborhood easter egg hunt and were deluged with requests for the recipe.. WARNING... NOT for the cholesterol conscious!!! Start with chunked potatoes, boiled till fork tender and cooled, brown one pound of bacon per 5 pounds potatoes, drain and reserve drippings, in a couple tblspns bacon drippings sweat one large chopped onion. Take 2/3 of a 32oz jar of miricle whip add 1/2 cup bacon drippings and 1-2 tspns white vinager and shake well (adjust drippings to taste) crumble bacon and mix all ingrediants.. chill before serving... take it UP A NOTCH by adding crumbled Blu Cheese....
Filet Mignon
RE: potatoe salad w/eggs? 2005/03/28 17:28:32
I'm not sure what your point about excluding the eggs is (I put egg YOLK, mashed, in my regular potato salad), but your recipe sounds like an interesting combination of traditional German warm potato salad and the more typical cold potato salad. It may not be for the cholesterol conscious, but I've eaten and enjoyed warm potato salad with that much bacon and bacon drippings in it for years.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: potatoe salad w/eggs? 2005/03/29 02:23:30
I guess I'm just odd.. I like hard boiled eggs, deviled eggs, egg salad etc just dont like eggs in potatoe salad..
RE: potatoe salad w/eggs? 2005/03/29 03:40:03
The potato salad I make, I use hard boiled eggs and Love It! I crumble the yolks, and fine dice the whites... I'll make a 5lb batch and it's normally gone within 24 hours... Recipe available if ya want it... Way different from the norm...

RE: potatoe salad w/eggs? 2005/04/03 16:03:49
Your recipe sounds great.
I am going to try it. I
agree, my potato salad has no
eggs and definetly no relish.
I would substitute Hellmans mayo
but thats my preference.
RE: potatoe salad w/eggs? 2005/04/12 21:22:34
Uncle Vic, pleeeeze would you share your recipe?

thanks, Lav