Vegas Prime Rib

Junior Burger
2005/04/09 11:39:17
I am about to head off to Vegas for an annual trade show and I am interested in finding any hidden away "local secret" places for Prime Rib. I have done Lawry's and it is wonderful...and expensive. I have heard taxi drivers talking about unadvertised Prime Rib specials at places you wouldn't normally think about for Prime. Of course, I have never been able to remember where they were. Now don't get me wrong, I am not looking for cheap low quality hunks of beef, just something that doesn't come with Nurse Rachet spinning a salad at my table.

Any Vegas insiders out there willing to share?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Vegas Prime Rib 2005/04/09 12:43:55
Check out the Top Ten at I've had the $4.95 steak at Ellis Island several times and it's worth it. Most buffets feature carved prime rib with everything else. Among the best are Bellagio, Paris, Alladin. If you have a car you absolutely cannot beat the price and quality at Green Valley Ranch's buffet.

If you pick up the various free magazines like WHAT'S ON or SHOWBIZ, you'll find them loaded with ads for many prime rib, steak, lobster "specials"
RE: Vegas Prime Rib 2005/04/12 13:18:33
Madison - Give consideration to Alan Albert's Steakhouse, Plaza Center, 3763 Las Vegas Blvd. (opposite the Monte Carlo). It's dumpy looking from the outside (it's in a kind of alley on the strip), but very classy inside. Huge prime rib, very old-school service and style. I'd say to avoid the ultra-expensive appetizer special they'll try to sell you. Ours, split three ways, was fantastic, but set us back big bucks. Keep your eye on the prize here. - Rusty.
Junior Burger
RE: Vegas Prime Rib 2005/05/01 09:15:31
GREAT suggestion. We visited Alan Alberts and were were very impressed. Good service, nice classic steak house decor and great food. I had one of the biggest hunks of prime rib I have seen in a long time.