best steakhouse in Montana

Junior Burger
2005/04/10 07:54:17
The best steakhouse in Montana, or maybe the United States, I believe is Sir Scott's Oasis in the small town of Manhattan MT.
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: best steakhouse in Montana 2005/04/10 08:58:25
Welcome to the Roadfood Boards....Please tell us why you think Sir Scott's Oasis is the best in Montana??
And just out of curiosity, Where is Manhattan, MT?
Junior Burger
RE: best steakhouse in Montana 2006/06/04 16:19:27
Hi Al-The-Mayor-Bowen

I was google-ing Sir Scott's Oasis and came upon your question at

Sir Scott's Oasis IS the best Steakhouse in the U.S. hands down! Manhattan, Montana is about 20 minutes west of Bozeman, Montana in the southwest corner of Montana. It is a very small, quiet town -- no stop lights, just a four way stop. Sir Scott's is located right on the main drag and is open 7 days a week. The steaks are THICK, cut daily, melt in your mouth great! You start out with an appetizer tray, then a salad, bread and your main course. Dessert is always served -- usually ice cream. The filet averages 3-4 inches thick... and I am not exaggerating! Hope you get to visit sometime, you will enjoy Montana and have a wonderful meal!