Top 5 Burgers

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Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Top 5 Burgers 2009/02/02 14:40:40
Bunsen Burgers on Walzem Road in San Antonio, meat is fresh ground, and homemade buns.The Sweet potato fries were good too. EZ's Brick Oven Grill is good, it's a local chain.Bunsen Burgers is not. Haven't tried The Lord's Kitchen yet.
And i make a pretty mean burger at home. If I use ground sirloin I cook it medium rare or medium.Add my own fixings to it, with homemade oven baked fries, yum yum.Better than McDonald's by a long shot.
carolina bob
Filet Mignon
RE: Top 5 Burgers 2009/02/02 15:15:26
Better than McDonald's by a long shot? HollyDolly, WHAT ISN"T???  :-)
Junior Burger
RE: Top 5 Burgers 2009/02/02 17:13:38
Listed in no order of preference...

1. In N' Out Burger, Anywhere   Always fresh product
2. Mama or Papa Burger, Val's Burgers, Hayward, CA because it tastes homemade
3. Crown Burger, Salt Lake City, UT  What's not to like about a burger with a fist full of Pastrami on top?
4. Stanich's Tavern, Portland, OR My first burger ever with a fried egg on top-angioplasty anyone?
5. Home-Blue Cheese Sirloin Burgers with Red Wine-Onion Jam

Junior Burger
RE: Top 5 Burgers 2009/07/13 14:37:15
My Top Five In No Order Of Preference

1:     Crabill's Urbana Ohio

2:     Hamburger Waqon Miamisburg Ohio

3:     Gahanna Grill  Gahanna Ohio

4:     Rotiers     Nashville TN

5:     Highlander Cafe (Nellburger)  Mt Dora Fl

Junior Burger
RE: Top 5 Burgers 2009/07/16 11:17:03

1) Liberty Tavern, Fords
2) Favorities, Woodbridge
3) Charley Brown's, Metuchen
4) Hamburger Harry's, Manhattan
5) Ben Benson's, Manhattan
Junior Burger
RE: Top 5 Burgers 2009/07/16 12:10:49
I'll only speak for St. Louis, MO

O'Connell's - BIG juicy bar burger
Village Bar - smaller greasy bar burger (and great onion rings)
Carl's Drive In - small, crispy edged burger
Graham's Grill - not the burger, but the "grillers" w/grilled onions/cheese
RE: Top 5 Burgers 2009/07/29 13:27:21
"Gourmet Burgers" - I always order the bone-in Rib-Eye at the fine dining places that offer a "fancy burger".
"Burger-focused" places that offer table service:  Twisted Root in Dallas.

"Fast-Food" joints:  Five Guys and Inn 'n Out.

"Thin pattie, cooked to a crisp": Dairy Queen, Culver's, and Baker's Drive-in of McKinney, TX.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Top 5 Burgers 2009/07/29 13:55:28
5 Guys...the best of the best
RE: Top 5 Burgers 2009/08/08 11:53:45
1. extinct (closed years ago) but Linda's Parisian burger from Linda's drive in/Mt View, CA  Had a hard chewy shiny sourdough bun, small patty, minced onion, melted American cheese and "special sauce", basically mustard and ketchup mixed.  
orrr... maybe not (has been resurrected) at Armadillo Willy's in Los Altos, CA, along with Linda's famouse tater tot fries, taste like McD's hashbrowns yum.
2. Flaming Grill sirloin melt, Sacramento CA
3. Jim-Denny's Joey burger, Sacramento CA  best commercial, too
4. Nationwide Freezer meats steakburger cheese, Sacramento, CA
5. St Johns Bar and Grill,  Santa Clara, CA  
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