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2005/04/22 11:16:46
Reply to nvillekat I remember Pomac approx 1962. I believe it was a Dr. Pepper product. Iwas living in Irving, Texas at the time. I last drank one in 1974 it was the diet version.
v porter
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RE: pomac soda 2005/05/09 08:10:04
I have been searching for any info on Pomac!! Is it still around, what was it made from...ingredients, ect. Does anyone know where I can find out.
RE: pomac soda 2005/05/10 11:14:10
Hello vporter, re Pomac. As I remember it seemed a little like gingerale mixed with apple juice. My grandmother asked about it about 73 or 74 and a clerk found a six pack of diet Pomac in the back storage area od an IGA. She kept it in a shed for me. That was late 74 or early 75. I think they stopped making it in the early 60's. It was definitely my most favorite soda. I think it was a Dr. Pepper product test marketed in Dallas, Ft. Worth. I never saw it outside of the Dallas/Ft.Worth metro area. I would like to hear more about it and if somebody still has a supply.
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RE: pomac soda 2005/05/14 19:37:30
Hey I was just thinking about Pomac and decided to google it and landed at this site. I remember buying it from vending machines in the Houston area around 68 or 69. Also a lot of the beer joints and bait stores along the coast from Galveston to Freeport had it in the "help yourself" tubs filled with ice and water. I can't believe there is not a bottle of it on Ebay.
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RE: pomac soda 2006/02/17 11:06:23
I drank Pomac myself. It was available in Sedalia, Missouri at Safeways Grocery Store and a few others. The last one I bought and drank was at Safeway Grocery in 1973. Yes, it was still available then, at least in Missouri. To me it didn't taste like apple cider, but more like a "near beer". It also could form a head like beer when poured into a glass. It was also served in some of the local bars there in Sedalia. I've been looking for a bottle for my collection. I finally found a Double Cola bottle, the large one with spirals on it and no description of contents...just the red words painted on: DOUBLE COLA.
RE: pomac soda 2006/02/17 19:47:11
Have not looked thru their items, but interesting site anyway.
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RE: pomac soda 2006/07/30 22:05:18
I, too, remember Pomac soda. It was my very favorite when I was a kid and I'd love to find some now!! I remember drinking it at our favorite pizza parlor in Rapid City, S.D. It must have been early to mid 60's. Once we moved away, I never heard of it or saw it again. Anyone know if it can be found or who produced it?
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RE: pomac soda 2006/07/31 09:33:15
(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Pommac is a Swedish carbonated soft drink made of fruits and berries and matured in oak barrels for 3 months. The first Pommac was made in 1919. The name comes from "Pomm" as in pomme, apple in French, and "ac" as it is matured in oak barrels like cognac. The recipe is kept a secret.

In 1919, Anders Lindahl, a failed businessman from Hudiksvall moved to Stockholm, Sweden, and founded Fructus Fabriker and began to make Pommac. The recipe was made by a Finland-Swedish inventor. The drink was made for the upper classes as an alcohol free substitute for wine.

Dr. Pepper distributed a formulation of it in the US as a diet drink from 1963 to 1969 in six-and-a-half-ounce and ten-ounce bottles. It took a while for people to become accustomed to the taste, so sales were slow. When sales remained stagnant after six years, and its sweetener, sodium cyclamate, was banned, Dr. Pepper discontinued the product.

Some of its loyal (particularly younger) fans thought of it as "near beer."

In late 2004, Carlsberg announced that they were going to cease production of Pommac due to economical reasons. However, after overwhelming public demand (including a petition tallying over 50,000 signatures) was raised in response, the company decided to keep marketing Pommac.
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RE: pomac soda 2006/11/09 02:49:30
I remember buying Pommac while on vacation in the Poconos in 1968. It was a special treat because the stores in the area also Dr. Pepper, which wasn't available in Buffalo NY back then. Pommac did taste pretty close to champagne. The slogan on the bottles was "The Soft Drink of the Continent."
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RE: pomac soda 2006/12/25 20:17:29
I remember Pomac in the 1960's as a kid in Shreveport, LA. Me and a couple of friends would meet up during the summer about three days a week to go downtown to the YMCA. On the way to the bus stop, we would get a Pomac at a little store in an ally near a friend's house. I remember the tast was like a near-beer.
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RE: pomac soda 2007/05/14 00:27:44
I grew up about a mile and a half from the Dr. Pepper plant in Dallas, and various kids groups I belonged to would go there on field trips (cheap). That was the only source of Pomac in the US, and as someone else has posted it was a copy of an European drink. As a Texas kid, the only European drink we could think of was wine, so we called it fake wine. I didn't know the word at the time, but I think "cloying" would have covered it. Saccharine was the sweetener that Dr.Pepper chose for the beverage. These were the Paleolithic days of diet sodas. I think Tab is the only surviving Saccharine sweetened drink of that era. Even Diet Rite has dropped saccharine. Saccharine still lives on in those little pink packages of Sweet N Low on cafe tables.
Pomac died of poor sales, but I always wondered what it would have tasted like sweetened with sugar. It may have been Okay.
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RE: pomac soda 2007/06/15 21:20:17
Yes, I remember Pommac (note spelling.) It was sold as a pear-flavored soft drink. You can read all about it by clicking on: http://alamo.nmsu.edu/~lockhart/EPSodas/Chapter11/11e/chap11e.htm. The last article on the page tells about Pommac, complete with a picture of the bottle. Apparently it was and is popular in Europe, but when Dr. Pepper brought it to the U.S.A. it was discontinued after 6 years because of non-acceptance. Too bad more of us didn't care for it. I thought it was delicious.

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RE: pomac soda 2007/06/26 22:15:53
The old original Dr. pepper bottleing co. in dublin tx., as you may already be aware of is still active today. Pomac they produced as well as all the others sodas they have. Alot of the old sodas they still produce today. They have daily tours etc.. They have pomac's on display, last time I was there a worker there who knows the owner said he has a warehouse full of drinks including pomacs. But (ha) gee --wish we could go get some! Somebody said they were great with pizza--yes they were! The taste though-- more than likely just wouldn't be like exactly the way it used to be since they're so old. Who knows? It could still be great! A few years back at a party I served freshly opened upper 10's that were 30 yrs. old. Believe it or not,they still had fizz-tasted great- but slightly old at the same time, if that makes and sense! Take a tour at dublin, you'll enjoy it!
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RE: pomac soda 2007/07/21 18:09:48
When I was growing up in Jackson, TN in the 60s, I remember my Dad bringing home Pomac. Would like to find some... does anyone know how to contact any European distributor???

I also remember that when Barry Goldwater ran for president his campaign put out a promotional soft drink called "Gold Water". I believe that was also Pomac.

I only saw Gold Water in cans, though.

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RE: pomac soda 2007/07/31 00:15:58
It was 1963 In the border town of McAllen,Tx. where I grew up loving many types of soda pops, but then I bought my first Pomac. I have yet to find anything close to it. My last Pomac encounter was in 1971 while living in Houston. I drank two cold bottles of Pomac out of a case that some one had saved or hidden in the back of a large kitchen cooler of a bar that I worked at(Lucky me). Now that I have found this site and I know that there are others out Their who were lucky enough to enjoy the Majical taste of Pomack, then maybe there Is still hope that I will someday taste that sparkling beverage again... anyone??
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RE: pomac soda 2007/08/20 11:16:22
I purchased a six pack from Northerner.com over a year ago and the taste was memorable from 40+ years ago.

They do not sell Pommac any longer and I am looking for a Finnish company that will export to U.S.

Let you know when I find access !!!

THE Tennessee; . . . Road~Orphan
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RE: pomac soda 2007/08/20 12:48:01
Over the weekend I heard there is a new establishment somewhere on old Route 66 in the Oklahoma City Metro Area where they sell hundreds of different kinds of soft drinks, regular and/or rare and unusual. When I find the name of the place, I plan to visit there to see if they have Pommac. Common sense says they won't, but truth is stranger than fiction . . . so, maybe I'll score. Results to follow.][/font=Georgia]
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RE: pomac soda 2008/01/06 10:47:20
I actually have a empty Pommac bottle...thinking about putting it on EBAY.
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RE: pomac soda 2008/01/25 11:41:36
I sent the link for Pommac to the Route 66 soda store about 6 months ago, haven't heard back from them YET !!

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RE: pomac soda 2008/01/25 11:48:56
Here's the link for POPS and a video on the opening.



ENJOY !!!!

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RE: pomac soda 2008/02/16 19:16:49
WOW!! Pommac lovers unite! My first tast of Pommac was in Denison, Tx at a pizza place accross the street from the old high school on Main St. I was hooked. My dad always made sure I had a good supply on hand after that. I remember the stink about how "Pommac is teaching our children to drink." What a laugh! Boy, I'd sure like to have an ice cold one right now with some of that pizza.
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RE: pomac soda 2008/03/19 13:25:24
Ah, Swedish Pommac. I remember, as a teenager around 1968 in Chincoteague, Virginia, buying it in 12-ounce cans out of a vending machine in front of Tulls restaurant at the foot of the bridge leading onto the island. We were told it was slightly alcoholic, a "champagne" of soft drinks, so we were anxious to imbibe. As I
recall, it had a sweet, slightly beer-like flavor with lots of fizz. After a few weeks, it mysteriously disappeared from the machine and I never saw it again. In all the material I've seen on
the internet concerning Swedish Pommac, I seem to be the only one that remembers buying it in cans.
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RE: pomac soda 2008/04/06 00:09:42
hey i remember pomac soda. it was one of my favorites. i grew up in paragould, arkansas. (northeast arkansas) we had a dr. pepper bottling company there. do you really think it was a dr. pepper product? anyway, i have not had a pomac since i was around 7 or 8.
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RE: pomac soda 2008/04/17 14:03:06
FYI: I grew up in Cupertino California (Near San Jose) and we also were able to get Pomac at a grocery store near us. It was not a chain store so I don't know if it was available at the Safeway or Gemco where Mom bought groceries.
I looked it up a few years ago and some French company had it for sale but the shipping charges were astronomical!!! Wished I had done it though.
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RE: pomac soda 2008/05/15 13:52:23
I just had my first taste of Pommac since about 1966. My neice had a friend over from Sweden and she brought me two 1 liter bottles of Pommac. It was exactly as I remembered it after all these years. A very light, fruity flavor, not real sweet and very carbonated. I love it and so does my son. I'm savoring these 2 bottles and intend to make them last as long as I can but it's hard not drink it all quickly. "Pommac- the champagne of sodas"
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RE: pomac soda 2008/09/01 22:29:08
Wow - I can't believe I found this sight. I haven't had Pommac in about 40 years and I can't remember what it tasted like. All I remember is that it was my favorite drink. I purchased it in New Bedford, MA. If anyone knows where you can get it, please post information. I'd be willing to have it shipped from "wherever" just to try it again!
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RE: pomac soda 2008/09/23 16:10:00
Now my weary bones can rest!
That drink has been one of my most pleasant memories- I just couldn't
remember the name of it. Asking people across the country didn't help; no one could recall it. Remember the selling point was that it tasted like cognac? I didn't know what cognac tasted like as a pre-teen and I still don't as a pre-sexagenarian.But if it tastes like Pomac tasted , it has to be good!
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RE: pomac soda 2008/10/09 17:35:33
Originally posted by kestrella

If anyone knows where you can get it, please post information. I'd be willing to have it shipped from "wherever" just to try it again!

You can order from this web site but shipping will be costly. Hate to rub it in but I'll have another few bottles hand carried to me at the end of this month. http://www.suomikauppa.fi/index.php?cPath=23_129
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Re:pomac soda 2009/04/03 23:17:44
Wow! I didn't know there were so many Pomac lovers out there! I googled Pomac thinking I might find something... who knew there was such an interest?!
I remember Pomac from my early 60's childhood in San Antonio, Texas.  Mom would let me buy a Pomac at the local grocery (Model Market)once in a while.  Once she went "wild" and bought a whole six pack.  I was the only one in the family that liked Pomac so I had it all to myself. Sure wish I could taste it again to see if it really was as wonderful as I remember it being.  Come on Dr. Pepper; bring it back for us Baby Boomers.
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RE: pomac soda 2009/09/05 12:01:55
Hey Bear 52, I used to buy Pomac at tulls grocery, Johnson City, N.Y., between 1964 and 69. It was a small family store
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Re:pomac soda (who wants some!) 2009/09/11 23:30:38
all right everyone
you can now order your Pommac here in the US
contact puritycola@gmail.com
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RE: pomac soda 2009/09/11 23:35:11
you can get it from me