cowboy bob 2
2005/04/24 17:37:14
When did this area of roadfood start? Have been looking for a place for us owners/food buyers, all the hats. My business has quaddruppled in the last month. I have a new location for my food concession, that I could run it 24/7. my biggest problem is running out of food. But I am solving my problems 1 day at a time. I started out just vending Hot Dogs, but now I'm doing Burgers & egg sandwiches, next a deep fryer. I just added 2 ft to the front of my trailer,(think 5th wheel) Next I will add 3 ft to rear. Too bad I don't have a bigger trailer. My predictions are a 50,000.00 cash reported business, in sales this year. I run it as a one man operation. If my customers can't wait, I say there is McDonalds up the street. I use the 33% rule on food costs. some times a product will cost me 25 cents and I charge 1.25 for it. on some bottled sodas I pay 44 cents and sell for 1.25.
Later Cowboy Bob 2
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: WOW! 2006/02/24 22:52:01
So, how's it going so far?
The Bear