BBQ House in Gardena, CA - Jay Bee's

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2003/05/16 22:40:59
A friend I was visiting took me a place he a fellow workers often went for lunch. He hasn't been to the place in a number of years, but he recollects that grease from the BBQ pit used to ooze onto the street into the gutter. Shades of Arthur Bryant in KC when Calvin Trillin discovered it and publicized it.

Today, the pit has been enclosed in sheet metal. Had a pork BBQ sandwich with hot sauce and cole slaw. Quite good! Saw others with huge portion of BBQ ribs. They also serve BBQ beef sandwiches BBQ beef and pork ribs and sides of cole slaw, baked beans or potato salad. To my mind the typical Roadfood type place.

From it's location in a residential neighborhood and no credits cards, it caters to locals. It takes some doing to find it, but it well worth a trip when in LA.

Name: Jay Bee's
Address is, 15911 Avalon Blvd., Ph.: 310-532-1064 or 310-515-9221.
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RE: BBQ House in Gardena, CA - Jay Bee's 2003/05/17 08:14:05
And I thought all Gardena was good for was the Poker Clubs!!! Give us an address please!
RE: BBQ House in Gardena, CA - Jay Bee's 2003/06/04 13:37:47
just a note about Bryant's. I don't think Calvin would claim to have discovered it. Arthur took over the place from his brother charlie. My mother still calls it charlie bryant's, (she's 84). Charlie learned at the feat of henry perry, the BBQ king
Calvin has made the KC area a gazillion bucks, though, and for being the KC area's most beloved & famous favorite son, he is held in great esteem. And besides, he's basically the one to popularize "roadfood"! Who knew the food we all grew up on would become a quest we all participate in?