kc mo

paul and louise
2003/05/17 17:51:02
going to kc this june
going to arthur bryant's for q
stroud's for chicken
winstead's for burgers
where to go for steak?
am looking for recommendations
what is good NOW
what offers the kc EXPERIENCE
ambiance, history, cultural significance, and a great steak
there HAS TO BE a place like this in kc.........
Junior Burger
RE: kc mo 2003/05/17 20:59:36
Jess and Jim's on the south side. Steaks are huge, reasonably priced--made up for an all-day fast. The steak, salad and potato are so filling that they didn't even carry dessert years ago when I was there, 'cause no one had room for it, anyway--I recall eating a 25 oz steak and it was great.
Filet Mignon
RE: kc mo 2003/05/22 09:11:06
You might also want to consider the Hereford House; the original one south of downtown. I've eaten there a few times and really liked the place. I haven't eaten at Jess and Jim's, though, so I don't know which is better.
RE: kc mo 2003/05/22 09:19:04
The last time I was in Kansas City I thoroughly enjoyed the Golden Ox in the Old Stockyards District. The Kansas City Strip blows away anything you can get at those fancy Steak Houses in DC & NY
Michael Stern
Fire Safety Admin
RE: kc mo 2003/05/22 14:14:19
The Playboy Strip steak at Jess & Jim's! (and a baked potato, too)
RE: kc mo 2003/05/27 13:46:32
check out the savoy grill downtown(great atmosphere), and also consider Golden Ox for steaks. Try LC's or Oklahoma Joes for BBQ and also SKIP winstead's. Now corporate owned . Town topic for hamburgers if you must, but I would consider an Italian choice, Garazzo's, Jasper's, or Lidia's.
I still think Stephenson's apple farm is a unique KC experience and worth hitting. You could also check out 40 sardines, run by KC's james beard winning husband and wife team, the Golds.
Don't forget the Southwest Blvd. scene for a bunch of unique eateries.
All we ask is, Report back on your experiences. Have fun!