Refrigeration repair

Junior Burger
2005/05/02 11:25:44
I cannot thank you enuf FOODNYC for recommending AMTEC. WOW, all my freezers were barely working. The ice maker and the yogurt maker not working all the time (just when you dont need them) I called them, they charged $55 an hour flat rate and did a beautiful job. I would recommend them also, very reliable and dependable.Amtec# 516 749 -1247 or
RE: Refrigeration repair 2005/05/02 13:29:20
I missed the beginning of this thread, but you know that I'll check them out. A good refrigeration guy is worth his weight in gold, or in spoiled lobster tails....
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Refrigeration repair 2005/05/11 09:49:37
The day we opened about two weeks ago the ice machine went out.The guy who was recommened to fix it has been working on it since.First he replace the condenser,now he says the water pump is shot.This guy dont look like hes a seasoned pro and I am beginning to wonder if he knows what the hell hes doing.After this I am going with someone a little more wiser and older.Ive been buying four to five bags of ice a day and it sucks.
RE: Refrigeration repair 2005/05/11 10:01:52
Thank goodness, my husband's step brother is a refrigeration tech.
Junior Burger
RE: Refrigeration repair 2005/05/14 18:01:42
i feel for jellybear! Ice makers are pretty difficult and you need a really trained professional! id go on a limb and say this guy doesnt know wat he's doing. Id hire some body else at this point.
Junior Burger
RE: Refrigeration repair 2005/05/18 08:03:55
I was a refrigeration tech for 20 years if you don't do a lot of ice machines they can be tricky to figure out. My recomendation is find a company that deals with them on a regular basis.