vietnamese po boy

paul and louise
2003/05/18 09:09:49
there is a large vietnamese population on the gulf coast and in NO
over to biloxi (back bay) we saw a restaurant with a big ol' sign
i was quite intrigued but the wife would not hear of stopping
has anyboby out there had this variation on the po boy?
were we halucinatin'
RE: vietnamese po boy 2003/05/18 11:16:10
It might just be banh mi. That is a french bread (or freedom bread) roll with some kind of meat, pickled cucumber and carrot, and hot pepper. We have alot of them here in No VA and they are yummy. Of course, it could be something completely different. Please try it out and let us know!
Filet Mignon
RE: vietnamese po boy 2003/05/18 18:04:14
Yes, louise, as kdiammond suggests, PLEASE try these and let us know. This is definitely a new one on me, and I'm VERY curious.
Junior Burger
RE: vietnamese po boy 2003/05/29 02:38:57
Is this anything like a hoagie or hero?" />
RE: vietnamese po boy 2003/08/01 22:07:40
The first Vietmanese Sandwiches served in the Continental United States were made by a Vietmanese Bread Baker, with his wife at a small shop on the fringes of Seattle's International District. Close to the first place that served "PHO NOODLES", sill in business in a Pink Shanty on the corner of South Jackson and Rainer, called "Pho Bac". These both opened just before the end of the Vietnam War. Sandwiches still sell as low as $1.25, but in Seattle there are about 100 Pho Places and Deli's, many very good, But the Soup at "Pho Bac" is still the best.
RE: vietnamese po boy 2003/09/04 10:24:55
For discussion of Banh Mi on this board click this link.