Cassell's---Is It Worth It?

Double Cheeseburger
2003/05/18 10:03:48
I will be in Beverly Hills (a work function) in mid-June. I'm thinking about cabbing it to Cassell's for a burger.

Last time we were in L. A. we went to Cassell's, well---we parked the car about a block away---filling the parking meter in front of a police officer. We then walked to Cassell's and found out it was closed (4pm). Going back to the car, about a minute later, we found a $100 ticket on the windshield (parking in a restricted rush hour zone). Now you think this meter maid could have advised us against parking there for the sake of public safety or smoother rush hour traffic. No! She just wanted to trick us.

So, as you can see...Cassell's cost us $100 last time with no burger. Should I lose my grudge and go back?

RE: Cassell's---Is It Worth It? 2003/06/05 08:18:37
Skip Cassell's and go to the Apple Pan on Pico, though I kept getting tickets there to until I discovered they have a parking lot. Those meter maids are evil.
Junior Burger
RE: Cassell's---Is It Worth It? 2003/06/10 19:25:59
There must be something that removes us from time & place when we "set our faces" on food : Last week when we were traipsing around the non-tourist parts of (LA's) Chinatown, we oggled the dairy cases and photo's of food in front of a local diner for so long, that we forgot about our parking meter. Same result as stanpnepa : a $65.00 ticket, no food, and a ticked off driver (me).

Silver lining : since we were still hungry, we were induced to stop at the food court of a new mall near the old Hughes Corp airport in Culver City. I knew there was a Jody Maroni's in the court. The gals got Chinese at a place next door, my son discovered a lobster wrap/burrito thing nearby, and I reveled in one of Maroni's jumbo dogs, gathering 'intel' on their physical layout (for a friend who's planning some quick-serve places here in Colorado).

Roadfood serendipity?