Central FL: Orlando,Canaveral,Cocoa Beach etc.

2003/05/21 20:01:02
We just moved to FL for 8 months out of the year! Am interested in any suggestions for great food in the areas of: Orlando,Titusville,Port Canaveral,Cocoa Beach and Melbourne!Will post some of my suggestions in another post! Thanks!
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RE: Central FL: Orlando,Canaveral,Cocoa Beach etc. 2003/05/21 20:55:58
Kokomo: It aint great, but it's good- any Sonny's BBQ. They usually slice the pork, but in some of them it's pulled.
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RE: Central FL: Orlando,Canaveral,Cocoa Beach etc. 2003/05/23 10:28:11
Titusville - You have got to eat at Dixie Crossroads. They have rock shrimp...I don't need to say any more! But I will...rock shrimp already taste like they are buttered. They are small, so eat twice as much! I've got a business trip next month and I am going to the crossroads...but you won't meet the devil there, only good eating!

Cocoa Beach - I haven't eaten here yet, but I will next month. A native told me about this place: "Florida's Seafood Bar and Grill, 480 W. Cocoa Beach Causeway. Phone 321-784-0892. It's noisy, they don't accept reservations, and be prepared for a wait, especially if it's on a weekend. I like the Canaveral Combo. I like my rock shrimp broiled, the rest of the feast breaded and fried. They’ll mix ’n match for you."
RE: Central FL: Orlando,Canaveral,Cocoa Beach etc. 2003/05/23 23:55:53
Been to Dixie Crossroads many times now! Love the Rock Shrimp (but keep in mind it's seasonal)!www.nbbd.com/dixiecrossroads/
We didn't care for FL's Seafood! But in Port Canaveral on "Flounder" you'll find "Grill's"! The best for breakfast (just started serving breakfast last year!) and I love their lunches! Have never been there for dinner! The grilled yellow fin tuna special for lunch...just last week...was cooked to perfection, served with their excellent medley of fresh vegetables (that's what I love the most!)wild rice, and a piece of "toasted cheesy bread", all for $7.95 (again this was lunch!)! Delicious,hot and great service! We opted to sit out on the deck as it would have been a half hour wait to sit inside. I LOVE to eat outdoors and do so at every chance anyway! As it was it was a VERY hot day but we had a good deal of shade and a small bit of a breeze! The great part about sitting here at Grill's is watching the activity at "The Port"! Port Canaveral FL is one of the busiest ports on the east coast! You can also see the cruise ships going out here!It's really cool to see!www.visitgrills.com
Also in Titusville is an excellent Polish Restaurant called "The Bellwood" at the Bellwood Motel on Rte. 1 in Titusville! It's just North of the Frontenac Flea Mkt. (open Sat. and Sun. only) on the right hand side heading north. Just north of Port St. John FL. www.authenticpolishrestaurant.com Is there a way to drop a link into one of these posts? If there is I haven't figured out how yet! I can recommend a few more places in our area (Cocoa Beach...Brevard Co. FL) if you or anyone else is interested?! Bon appetite!