Black Rice Pudding

2003/05/23 11:47:28
Ok, since i didn't get a response in Desserts I will ask here. Have any of you had Black Rice Pudding, a Thai dessert made with black sticky rice and coconut milk?
Junior Burger
RE: Black Rice Pudding 2003/06/10 05:33:15
I've had it! Lovely stuff and very easy to make if you can find the black glutinous rice. You can cook it like regular rice but it'll need cooking for ages...unless you soak it beforehand. Add sugar to taste (I only had white sugar and it turned out fine). Slap on some coconut milk afterwards to make it all pretty or you can stir it in.
RE: Black Rice Pudding 2003/08/26 17:48:00
Vinelady: I'm familar with the dish from Thailand.

Have tried at when offered at various Thai Restaurants in the Seattle/Tacoma area and finally found one place that prepares and serves it properly. "Peanut Sauce Thai Cusine" located at 5001 Tacoma Mall Blvd. This place does many thai dishes with finesse, even garnishing with Orchids, on custom made ceramic china. the Satay is very good and most dishes are prepared to order exactly as requested. The customers are many Thai's and knowlegable diners. If you give it a try please post your immpressions. Irwin
RE: Black Rice Pudding 2003/08/26 17:53:23
You should give Sweet Basil near SouthCenter Mall a try. I will see about heading down that way to give it a try.