Steak Out

2005/06/10 20:13:22
I know it is not "prime"..., but after I have traveled all day & end up in a motel room, I look for this first in the yellow pages:

It's pretty good to me, especially since they deliver. (I usually get a double order of medium rare sirloin tips, baked 'tater, & salad.) Any comments from other posters?
RE: Steak Out 2005/06/10 21:24:12
When I lived in Atlanta, I ordered a few times from the Steak-Out that was located in the old Waffle House on Peactree just past the Fox. It wasn't half bad, and I liked the concept. They closed that Steak-Out, though, and there aren't any here in Colorado.
RE: Steak Out 2005/06/11 22:10:40
The one in Johnson City closed as well. Last couple of times we ordered, the prices had sharply increased. I would suspect that their niche got squeezed out, due to the spiking of beef prices.