Cannoli and Cassata

Junior Burger
2005/06/14 22:48:07
These are two of the best italian pastries, that you can find at many
italian bakerys in New Jersey, NY, CT, MA area. But, if you live away from there good luck finding and authentic bakery that has huge display cases filled with Cannoli, Cassata, and other delights such as: pignoli cookies, sfigadel, sfinge di san giuseppe.
RE: Cannoli and Cassata 2005/06/14 23:28:47
Claro's in Califonia is a wonderful authentic Italian grocery that specializesin pastries, meats, cheeses and imported items. They even have a big display case with about 30 different types of Italian cookies, pastries and breads. I believe they have four or five different locations. If you're ever in Southern California you can get your fix.

Check them out at
carlton pierre
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Cannoli and Cassata 2005/06/15 13:26:06
When I was in Ft. Lauderdale last week I went to a place called Da Vinci's. An excellent NY style pizza place. I ordered a couple cannolis and they made them fresh, nothing pre-made.
RE: Cannoli and Cassata 2005/07/01 16:29:43
Tony's Deli in Edison Park IL (on Northwest Highway) has very good cannolis. I can't resist them. Good subs too.
Filet Mignon
RE: Cannoli and Cassata 2005/07/25 21:44:01
Our favorites were from Union Street in Brooklyn. The bakery may still be there. Did you like plain, chocolate chips or citron/candies fruits. My grandmother also used to make her own with ricotta. With tortones, too.
And some people used to call them: "gannools" (aka Tony Soprano)? Like "gabbagool" (Cappicola ham)
Junior Burger
RE: Cannoli and Cassata 2005/09/10 19:29:17
OMG! My totally favorite cannoli are the ones from the chain BUCA di BEPPO. My husbandand I will go theare just for the dessert and skip their wonderful meals!!!!
Junior Burger
RE: Cannoli and Cassata 2006/04/05 14:08:56
maybe one of you will know....
when i was in italy over the summer (around florence) i had the most delicious cake! It was similar to the latin american "tres leches" cake. It had pan di spangna cake layered with chantilly cream in between and strawberries on top. I want to find the recipe, but I'm not sure what the cake is called.