Hocking Hills/Lancaster, OH

2003/05/23 16:52:48
We're headed up that way Saturday, staying over til Monday. Any good spots, not too yuppy? Good ice cream? Local festivals, church picnics, etc?

Guess there's no cheese factories in that area - have to head up to Amish country around Walnut Creek for that.
RE: Hocking Hills/Lancaster, OH 2003/06/02 13:58:56
Here's what we found:

Mauger's Seafood, 512 West Main, Lancaster
Very traditional seafood place, broiled in butter/fried swordfish, scallops, shrimp, surf & turf, etc. Only sauces were tartar & cocktail - none of that coulis stuff at Mauger's! Plenty of halfway decent bottles of wine for under $20. Only drawback - no salad bar.

Would definitely go back, possibly even drive down from Columbus.