Here's a few of my crocks!

chef joe
2005/06/21 00:36:36
We (me and my gang) actually make our soups to go for quite a few people, it has turned into another off-shoot of my crazy life. This week, I have made by numerous quarts, actually gallons - FRESH TOMATOE, FRESH PEA, FRESH BROCCOLI, FRESH VEGETABLE, FRESH SPINACH & STRATICELLI FLORENTINE. Now these are made absolutley healthy, no cream or flour or butter and just a pinch of salt, they are loaded with mucho fresh herbs and all finished off in the processor into a puree, we make these for athletes, amatuers & pros and also for some people with serious health problems, they can't get enough of them. That aside, I guess that the most asked for soups that I make is a Fresh Mushroom Bisque (assorted varieties of mushrooms) that is finished with a fine Sherry & whole Blue Point Oysters. Also Vischysoisse - hot or cold, Borscht with Sour Cream and Shredded Corned Beef, Scratch Beef Stock Onion Soup with Gruyere Croutons, Tomato, Orange & Zuccinni Bisque & Creamy White Conch Chowder, but my own personal favorite that I was taught to make by my grandfather "Moo Cow Plunkett", I called him "Pop," back in the 50's was English Beef Tea, talk about a cure for a hangover, this is it, he was probably the greatest cook I have ever known. He would make homemade raisen cinnamon buns on Saturday and then turn the leftover ones into French Toast on Sunday - unbelievable food! Okay, again, I've got to stop, this site makes me crazy, food is my life. Thanks - Chef Joe!