2005/06/23 14:32:40
I've decided to buy a truck to sell hot dogs from before I venture into a store front. I'm wondering how most of you that own carts got your locations. I've seen carts in parking lots of businesses, parked on the side of city streets and in dirt turn arounds on the side of the road. Some in parking lots of state forests others in municipal parking lots. Do all of you pay rent to the property owners? I have some ideas of where I want to put my truck but don't know how to find out if I can. If its a vacant lot can I just park there? How do you find out if its private property and if its owned by the state or town do you have to pay them rent? Are most land or business owners approachable to ask to use their lots for a fee? Or do you have to know someone and have an "in" to park in some places? Any help is appreciated.
Caramel Copper
RE: Location 2005/06/23 15:21:31

Since I am only at "day 8" of Copper's Master Plan I can only tell you what I have learned from this board and from observation, not withstanding people skills.

Every business that you frequent enough to be recognized, TALK IT UP.
I call it "chatting up" but you get the idea. Maybe you only spend a dollar or two there every day.......but that business counts on you. Just enthusiastically tell them of your venture. Enthusiasm is contagious, just as is Negativity. Make an impression on every one you meet. The mainteneace man, the cashier.....etc. REMEMBER NAMES! Simple technique but too often overlooked. You will find it comes up (your project)easier and easier with practise. If you have a hard time starting a conversation (obviously not my problem ) the easiest maneveur (sp) to fall back on is the simplest one imagineable. A COMPLIMENT! On the store/hair/jewelry whatever comes to mind (I wouldn't recommend lying at this stage) and be interested in their establishment or where ever the conversation leads. It may surprise you how interested you become (thats contagious also). If they bite, immediately stick out your hand for a firm handshke and look them dead in the eye when you do it. The deal is sealed, impresses men too and sets the mood at strictly Biz. (ie No Side Poon Tang) If they don't bite, find another place to spend your $2.00.

I made three location deals in this manner today.
1. Hardware store where I buy all my animal feed. Has an abundance of landscaping/construction contractor customers through out the day(I spend bout $50.00 a week there, and there is a feed store a block away.....get it?)
2. Recycle place where I tote 2-3 truckloads of metal (hard hot work but good money) and receive $150-$200 a trip. Aside: Approx. 480 hungry truckdrivers come through there a day, the owner wants NO percentage and offered me electricity. Why? He's making money off of my metal, and his competitor is across the street WITH NO FOOD TO OFFER.
3. The convenience store where I cash my Metal Check (no Unc Sam). He cashes my check for $1.00 rather than the usual $3.00, I buy two cartons of cigs a week, gas up and a case of beer. In exchange I can set up there whenever I want, no one else around on a state highway bursting with trucks, hungry men on the go trying to make a living and SAVE TIME by getting a couple of things done at one place. They will stop there cos they can get smokes, gas and GOOD HOMECOOKED MEAL at one place. These are hard-working men that get dirty,don't feel comfortable in a restaurant, and mostly single with no good cook around..... AND HAVE THE BUCKS TO SPEND.-that's my target clientele-WHAT'S YOURS?, being female is an advantage also

We shook, its a done deal. Good Luck!

Double Cheeseburger
RE: Location 2005/06/26 12:00:08
dang, copper, you sure know how to "wrap 'em"! awesome techniques, i must say.
sure you dont want to come here to savannah? i got a place for sale really cheap, and the take home is 6 digits. you would do great!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Location 2005/06/26 13:21:01
Im wonderin if the being a gal comment involves tiny skirts or shorts
cowboy bob 2
RE: Location 2005/06/28 18:17:39
My first location was on a used car lot that was empty. I found out who owned the lot and asked. He thought about and wanted to charge me rent. But I said I couldn't afford it, he thought awhile and said ok. I was there 5 days a week for 6 months. Plenty of parking. then the lot was sold. I moved next store to a furniture store for 4 months for free. It was good exposure for him. Then one day I got a call from the worlds largest auto auction, to come on their truck lot and serve to truckers at 10% of gross. This proved to be the best thing since the CA gold rush. I do over 0,000.00 a week , A one person show too. My biggest problem is getting supplies tho.
Just look and ask to relocate. maybe 2 or 3 to get the right location.
go to http://www.cowboybob.4t.com/pictures.htm to see my set up
Caramel Copper
RE: Location 2005/06/28 20:32:53

Bwa-hahahahahhahaha rocker!
I would love to have your place cos you are a mere hop from me. :)

Dreamz.....we all know there is no way one can look good and cook good food at the same time. Does a sweaty t-shirt qualify as wet t-shirt?

Cowboy- I visited your site from the link on your thread. Awesome Biz, and thanks for you help!


PS I never use spell check nor do I ever intend to. How can you use perfectly good slang?