Wolf brand chili

Double Cheeseburger
2005/06/30 11:59:32
You'all should read the label on Wolf chili YUUUKK!!!!I don't eat hearts! For some good recipies co to [url][/url]www.chilicookoff.com
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Wolf brand chili 2005/06/30 13:43:31
Got to use that leftover meat for something. They probably figure nobody would notice it ground up in chili.
RE: Wolf brand chili 2005/06/30 14:06:57
For some reason, I think I spotted "heart" on another brand as well....scary stuff indeed! As the "Frugal Gourmet" once said...."the canned chili industry (good Lord, only in America)..sold over $$$$$$ worth of canned chili last year." Indeed!
RE: Wolf brand chili 2005/06/30 18:00:53
If ya dont eat hearts, stay away from Detroit! Alot of the places use it in their chili sauce... (Including Lafayette and American)..
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RE: Wolf brand chili 2005/07/11 16:15:03
LOL, well, in most cases it can't be as bad as what's going into the hot dog you're putting it on! ;-)
RE: Wolf brand chili 2005/07/11 21:29:21
So what's wrong with hearts? I remember going to Diet Center in the late 80s, and one of their suggestions for non-fattening dishes was chili made with nothing BUT beef heart. I made some, and it was pretty tasty.

Of course, I guess if you've been living on boiled eggs and wasa crackers, just about anything would taste good.