Mussel Chowder in Milford CT

2005/07/04 14:26:07
If you're ever in Milford, CT, make sure to stop by Bobette's (they are right off of I-95 exit 36 at 93 Old Post Road) for their Famous Mussel Chowder, thick & hearty, perfect for a snowy day.

It is a small, little roadside dive of a place with nowhere to sit and if the lines at lunch are any indication 'tis also very well liked. It was highly recommended to me when I worked in the area and I ate there for lunch every day for two weeks. They also have some great sandwiches besides a choice of a number of soups each day beyond the house specialty.

But check the hours or call ahead because they close at 3PM in the afternoon.
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RE: Mussel Chowder in Milford CT 2005/07/04 14:44:49
That's a new one for me. I'll give it a try next time I'm out that way.
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RE: Mussel Chowder in Milford CT 2005/07/11 15:29:23
GREAT place
RE: Mussel Chowder in Milford CT 2005/07/16 10:26:32
Originally posted by jrinct

GREAT place

Glad you liked it. Did you try the signature chowder? BTW the sandwiches aren't bad either. Try the chicken salad on a roll.