Concession Stand Vending

Junior Burger
2005/07/12 12:48:33
Hi all! I just found this site and the reading in great. So, I decided to get all the experts advice. I will be doing my first small town festival next month. It is a street festival (one night), and they are allowing food vendors because the local restaurants cannot supply to everyone. My question.....They are expecting around 6000 people. I specialize in cooking whole pigs North Carolina style, chopping it up, and selling sandwiches and cooking BBq chicken. Is there a rule of thumb to decide on how much and how many people to plan on serving? I don't want to have a lot of waste in the end, and like I said, this will be my first event. Getting my feet wet with a small event. Thank you.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Concession Stand Vending 2005/07/12 13:29:10
You might find some information here:

RE: Concession Stand Vending 2005/07/12 14:09:30
Good luck on the event there! I'm not sure on how to guesstimate your needs... That will be dependant on the number of booths and "like" food served. But it's better to sell out then have a ton of leftovers!