Eat your veggies...

Filet Mignon
2005/07/14 19:18:50
Does anyone have any good veggie memories? (like not string beans with fried onions and soup base?)

My favorite is from my Italian grandmother (she's on my mind):

Saute potato slices and cabbage in good quality olive oil with rosemary and mucho bits of garlic......

(Grandma also made beef stew with scotch but that's cause she couldn't find the red wine one night - it tastes better than you'd think!)
RE: Eat your veggies... 2005/07/14 20:55:22
Expect A LOT of replies to this thread. Some of MY favorites will follow, later...
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Eat your veggies... 2005/07/14 21:09:35
String beans with onion and country ham
Pan fried asparagas
Fried ripe tomatos,on white toast
Braised endive/bok choy
Roasted winter vegetables

Just a few
RE: Eat your veggies... 2005/07/20 23:20:18
Since I was raised by a vegetarian, I have nothing BUT good memories of veggies.
My mom cooked meat, we didn't have to eat by her standards, but we always had awesome sides that could have made meals.
We had roasted vegetables with beef roast, potatos, parsnips, onions and carrots were my favorites. homemade pickled beets and salads of every description were on the table every night. She liked to experiment with different lettuces and we ate pasta salad back when everyone else was sticking to macaroni salad only.
sautes of eggplant with mushrooms and tomatos over pasta were always good. I remember one time we made Julia Child's vegetarian crepe casserole and to this day that remains an example of culinary achievement we still talk about. We are always either too tired, broke, or dieting to make it, but it remains large in our food dreams.
We ate turnips mashed with butter and a dash of sugar, cabbage steamed with onions, califlower in cheese sauce with a dash of wine added, fresh spinach wilted in olive oil with parmesan cheese, potato pancakes with sour cream, and fried tomatos with breakfast. When spring came and the first asparagas appeared, we would eat it on toast under a blanket of cheddar cheese sauce. I have too many to mention! Good thread!!!!!
Filet Mignon
RE: Eat your veggies... 2005/07/21 00:31:40
That sounds so delicious.........
RE: Eat your veggies... 2005/07/21 00:43:47
NYNM, it really was.
Having a vegetarian mom was so worth it. We grew up loving the veggies. To this day there are vegetable dishes I would prefer over meat, and I love certain meats. bbq and beef come to mind.
RE: Eat your veggies... 2005/07/21 00:47:48
My favorite Veggie Memories happen every summer around this time! Anything that comes fresh out of the earth locally puts a smile on my face! You can literally feel that vitamin rush they give you... Even as a avid hater of spinach, if it's fresh and cooked up properly, I'll devour it.. Then there's the browsing at the farmers market... Wish this all could be a 12 month a year excitment!
RE: Eat your veggies... 2005/07/21 00:54:51
Corn with lots of butter was always my favorite add mashed patatous and gravy and I was in heaven.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Eat your veggies... 2005/07/21 16:25:50
Thank You FF! I like french style green beens with a bit-o-butter and malt vinager, for the casserole I use french style with cream of shrimp (don't like mushrooms) strangly enough I learned to like breaded/fried cauliflower during a hospital stay. Far from a vegan I do enjoy many veggies both fresh and cooked........ there is room at my table for all gods animals.........right next to the taters
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
RE: Eat your veggies... 2005/07/21 16:30:38
I try to avoid eating the food my food eats.
Donna Douglass
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Eat your veggies... 2005/07/21 16:41:23
Now this is my kind of eating. Been wondering when someone would start a thread about vegetables only. I've been too chicken to start it myself. All of the aforementioned veggies are familiar to me as Mom grew, canned, cooked any and all vegetables and to this day I would rather eat a meal of good vegetables than meat of any kind. If I had no meat at all, I would miss it eventually, but could go for days on vegetables only. A lote of times my husband and I will have a dinner of salad and a couple of veggies.

I used to love creamed tomatoes on mashed potatoes (instead of gravy, which I also love). Fried green tomatoes was a wonderful treat my Dad and shared as he would cook them and we would enjoy them together. Fresh mushrooms my Grandpa would gather from the local golf course on steaks of in homemade mushroom soup were wonderful.

Nowadays we love roasted vegetables and are adventuresome in trying new ones all the time. Love Celeriac, Jicima, collards (Mom never cooked collards but we did have Dandelion greens every spring and always spinach, kale, mustard and turnip greens. I could go on and but will sit back now and enjoy reading about all the ways you all have had veggies in your lives.

Thanks for beginning this thread....burgers and franks were beginning to wear a bit thin, as much as I love them also.