ok more help with micros please!

Junior Burger
2005/07/17 20:18:28
I have been trying to get used to the micros system in a new job waitressing the person training me is helpful, however they seem to be more interested in going so fast and it doesen't really teach me much so wondering where I can find some on line help or a user guide my boss gave me like a small two page guide and not very helpful. I am so much wanting to master it as it is standing before me and good service help please!!!
The Travelin Man
Filet Mignon
RE: ok more help with micros please! 2005/07/17 21:23:45
What do you feel was inadequate about the information you were given last time?

Junior Burger
RE: ok more help with micros please! 2005/07/17 21:52:01
accually it was all really helpful and gave me the insentive and drive to give it a try from your encouragement. However I really need some sort of a manual or some real training as I still am not getting some of the functions and practicing at work doesn't really work as I cant send the things I am practicing as they would have to be all voided after so any suggestions on manual or something would be great.
The Travelin Man
Filet Mignon
RE: ok more help with micros please! 2005/07/17 22:13:51
What you need is adequate training from your supervisor. If that person does not see the value in training you correctly, then you might not be working for the right person. On the other hand, and I am not trying to be ugly here, you might be behind the expected learning curve, which might explain why management is not providing additional training -- they just don't believe that you will be there long.

You really should speak to your boss/manager about this.

Double Cheeseburger
RE: ok more help with micros please! 2005/07/17 23:36:33
yea, you should talk to your manager. everyone deserves the chance and the time for proper training sometimes has to be demanded. have you gone to work on your own free time to learn from someone else? watch over their shoulder. its easier than typing on a computer and you do that everyday, so relax and read the screens....they will usually tell you what need to do.
RE: ok more help with micros please! 2005/07/18 00:08:28
Just practice making the orders, then wipe out the order before you finalize it.. I figured by now you'd be giving us some pointers...