Weenie Girl
2005/07/20 16:28:55
Just wondering if anyone has ever had or heard of Wunderbar? I had one today and I felll instantly in love. Cheesecake on a stick, coverred with chocolate. Every girls dream. Yummy.
RE: WunderBar? 2005/07/21 08:20:48
I'm assuming you mean Cadbury's Wunderbar? If so, I've never actually tried it, but they're a staple chocolate bar up here. They're found everywhere.
Weenie Girl
RE: WunderBar? 2005/07/21 09:22:17
No, It was just called Wunderbar. I am not sure who makes it, I think the company is called Wunderbar.
Junior Burger
RE: WunderBar? 2005/09/22 19:45:28
Cadbury's Wunderbar is peanut butter covered in chocolate and quite yummy...haven't heard of this cheesecake thing...
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: WunderBar? 2005/09/22 20:12:51
I think it was made by Eli's the cheesecake guys. Anyway, i thought it was a Chicago company. Or maybe it was Dove...BTW, i remember buying giant Dove bars in a little meat market in Hinsdale IL long ago. I could never choose between pineapple or coconut! My, they've changed!
Junior Burger
Re:WunderBar? 2009/09/17 12:09:58
YES! And it stopped me in my tracks! It is SO good. The cheesecake is (seems?) real, the chocolate is high-quality, the graham cracker crust adds a crispiness & nuttiness, and MAN what a combo, all frozen together yet still creamy. Oh MAN did I love it. I was in Chicago (from MN), and I resorted to STEALING the little advertisement-tent on the table because I NEEDED to remember the name/brand! It's W√ľnderbar, made by Pie Piper in Chicago, which is a division of Vienna Beef there in Chicago.
Everybody buy and try one!! I fear people WON't, and they'll stop making them or change them, and then next time in Chicago, I won't be able to find one!
Shwew! That was a rush of a memory!
Filet Mignon
Re:WunderBar? 2009/09/17 13:44:57
There is a picture of it at: