Event Prices

2005/07/26 23:10:56
I have a small event to do for the next 4 days, how much more do you vendors mark up prices? If I sell a dog for 1.50 and a sausage for 3.00 everyday, how much more at a event?

cowboy bob 2
RE: Event Prices 2005/07/27 18:31:06
I sell a Sabrette hot dog every day for $1.50. If I were to take that dog to an event I'd do $2.00 I have been invited to an event in Sept at 10% of sales rent. I will be the only food vendor. A car show. If it rains no loss, except my time. I have a lot of food in storage anyway. None of my current supply of perishable food lasts more than 2 weeks, It turns over so fast. 100 to 150 dogs a day 50 Hamburgers a day 20 lbs of ff every week. Here is a trick also for your condiments that are outside for customers use. put the containers inside of a larger container with Ice and change often. This keeps the cond. fresher.
Cowboy Bob 2
Caramel Copper
RE: Event Prices 2005/07/28 14:41:33
You are, CBB, with out a doubt the most genuine poster on this forum.


PS edited to say: I know that sounds mushy, but most folks wouldn't say how much they sold and what they sold it for, or given away as many secrets as you have to me personally and to others, thanks.
RE: Event Prices 2005/07/29 04:20:12
Good start would be figuring out the extra costs that will be associated with the event (Such as fees, more fuel you'll be using, electric (gas for a generator if need be), extra ice for them extra hours, tent rental if ya need one... Then there's the competition factor.. You dont want to price yourself out of range either.. Have a buddy go walk the circuit and see whats going for what, then maybe adjust if need be. Also, see if you can figure out attendence counts (from previous events).. My guess would be a 450% food cost. If you have the room, have some impulse items (popcorn, chips, gum, asprin, antacid) available also (For those that are not really hungry)...
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Event Prices 2005/08/02 12:17:28
We go 500% for basic food costs but put out a MUCH better set of condiments than everyone else. Aslo put out some fruit and fried pies that take no time the day of the event but bring in a good return.
Stephen Rushmore Jr.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Event Prices 2005/08/02 13:48:01
By 500% food costs I assume you mean 20%. 5x the price of food. Cost should really be expressed as a percentage of revenue.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Event Prices 2005/08/02 15:16:04
Just trying to follow Uncle Vics format. But yes you are correct...5x original cost of raw materials w/o counting condiments which usually accout for another 1-10% depending on the crowd.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Event Prices 2005/08/02 18:44:36
All made products are priced at least 5x raw food cost. Labor and raw materials x 5. NOTHING I serve is frozen. Got to get it frozen it don't get served. Shrimp included. Slaw is done the night before, fried pies also.

Shrimp and fish kabobs go for at least 10x cost. Labor is expensive and my product commands a price.