Sr. Pepper: Chain or not?

Filet Mignon
2005/08/15 19:13:08
So they are doing the build out on a new Mexican restaurant across the street from me and the sign says it's to be named "Sr. Pepper". Now that sounds suspiciously like a chain to me (I'm a suspicious person) but I am unfamiliar with a chain of this name. I Googled it and came up with a few other places named that but they appear to be independents. So does anyone know: Is it a chain or not? Obviously, I'd prefer not.
mr chips
Filet Mignon
RE: Sr. Pepper: Chain or not? 2005/08/17 02:21:24
I'm not sure,BT. I remember reading about it around 20 years ago today and I recall it has been going in and out of style. And people who eat there say the place is guaranteed to raise a smile.
RE: Sr. Pepper: Chain or not? 2005/08/28 00:45:48