chef joe
2005/08/19 00:22:50
Hello Everyone, I just walked in the door from catering a dinner for 7 people, 4 adults and three teenagers. It was anniversary dinners for both couples. The menu they requested was - Chicken Satays with PNut Sauce & Sushi Tuna Platter for apps. Caeser Salad, Creamed Conch Chowder for starters, requested "Different" version of Surf & Turf for entree & Lemon Sponge Cake with Strawberries & Cream for dessert & I did a 5 seed crust bread with roasted Elephant Garlic. They had a real good time, enjoyed everything, had great champagne & wine, etc. To make the S&T different, I smoked a rack of Pork Ribs (14 b's) with some wood from a grapefruit tree that I had along with some Jumbo Pink Shrimps, grilled a few Hangar Steaks with sliced Portobello's, small Lobster tails with curried butter, home fries & sugar snaps with SD Toms. & Pine Nuts. The conversation turned to smoking game, the one guy tells me he smokes squirrels & rabbits I've done some smoking through the years, but I would think -(I may be wrong. I probably am)that squirrel & rabbit would be dry& tough if they were smoked. If not, please let me know, so I can get right on trying it out and what is the best method. I love squirrel in Brunswick Stew and Rabbit just about anyway it's prepared, would really like to try them smoked if it works. Thanks - Chef Joe!
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RE: Smoking? 2005/08/19 02:04:42

"I hate you!"" />
RE: Smoking? 2005/08/19 08:56:43
I've had the critters smoked. My thought at the time was marinate them in some oil based marinade along with a lower smoking temp (ya, they where tough and dry)...
RE: Smoking? 2005/08/19 09:39:44
BT, thanks for the friday belly laugh, I about spit coffee on my keyboard! you're too funny!
I think if you smoked that poor guy you'd end up with a squirrel jerky, not much meat on him.
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RE: Smoking? 2005/08/19 11:49:57
Chef Joe--how about cold smoking those marinated critters for the flavor and then grilling with plenty of basting--i LOVE pork chops and chicken done this way.
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RE: Smoking? 2005/08/24 20:21:29
Like almost all game they must be treated w/ care. Low temps (205-215) and a water basin in the smoker. Cheat and wrap them in blanched bacon.
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RE: Smoking? 2005/09/03 11:16:04
I tried smoking squirrels and rabbits, but I couldn't find rolling papers big enough!

(OK, I"m willing to take my scolding for being goofy in the wrong was just irresistable).

RE: Smoking? 2005/09/03 14:58:17
I had a harder time with finding papers for salmon...