Cheap beer

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RE: Cheap beer 2005/08/25 13:15:52
Originally posted by V960

The great unwashed should not be permitted to sit much less dine w/ the well dressed. My closet is full of Hickey Freemans and others of that ilk. That shorts and the like were allowed at Pentop would piss me off much more than the bill.

Send your son to Hatsuhana at 48th and Mad...ask to be seated at Seki-San's station. Best sushi in America.
Thanks, but they both love sushi and I think they'd debate that.
RE: Cheap beer 2005/08/25 14:27:02

Friends usually hook-up at my place for a few cocktails. I am an ex-bartender and love to make fancy/guinea pig drinks for friends. The DD drives us to another location for more drinks and casual chit-chat (Ya gotta have a DD when Atlanta is 'bout 90 miles away and you intend to get to the fancy-shmancy joints). When we finally decide to eat (the time is when you are tempted to order snacks at aforementioned bar DON'T DO IT!..........I get the green light and say "ITS TIME TO HIT THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE EVENING" )
I only have a need for one drink. I am coming for the food anyways. I do not enjoy alcohol with food and wish I could drink wine with everyone else but I don't like any liquids at all while eating.. No way, no how. I only sip lemon flavored water while others do their alcohol thing.

HOWEVER, If I do not consume a cocktail before the food arrives, I will indulge in a dessert/coffee liquer. I am a toltal freak for an after-dinner drink......That's my mostest favorite :).

I can't help but wonder........them classy places boot you out if you ain't guzzlin booze?

I think the prices are high to discourage folks from sitting and drinking. I go "there" TO experience the food and atmosphere, not to order shooters. ;).

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Cheap beer 2005/08/26 09:13:01
Ask your son and friend wether they prefer Nobu or Sushi Say for sushi.If they answer Nobu they won't think much of Hatsuhana.

The one at 48th and Mad is the only one I have visited, the other one in NYC is not so good I have been told. I've eaten at least two hundred meals at Hatsuhana w/o a single complaint. Ah the joys of working for a Japanese trading sadly passed.
Junior Burger
RE: Cheap beer 2005/10/27 21:11:51
even for view it's expensive, although a $6 beer & $10 cocktail is the norm for manhattan
Junior Burger
RE: Cheap beer 2005/11/12 02:22:15
Do you get a bucket of lube as a side?
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