Sumter SC eateries? Suggestions??

2003/05/24 13:32:54
Looks like we might stop in Sumter SC to see the "Swan Lake Iris Gardens and Swans"! Anyone out there ever been there? you have any suggestions for eats?? Probably be there around lunch time? Driving N. on Interstate 95 (from Ridgeland SC) and getting off Exit 135 then heading west on Rte 378 into "downtown" Sumter! Thanks!
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RE: Sumter SC eateries? Suggestions?? 2003/05/24 16:37:45
Here I am, back again.
There's a good barbecue place on 378 between Columbia and Sumter. I'm thinking that it's smack out in the middle of noplace. Strikes me that it has mustard-based sauce and is open through much of the week, instead of like the weekend places on farther south.
By the way, Sumter may still have a radio station with calls of WFIG (1290 AM). That stands for World Famous Iris Gardens. (A fellow who used to work there years ago called it "With Frequent Ingineering Gaffes" because the three-tower directional array kept hopping off-pattern at odd times.)
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RE: Sumter SC eateries? Suggestions?? 2003/05/26 10:21:25
Well !!! I live in Sumter SC. Sorry but I was on vacation last week and did not see your post until this AM. Hope you found some good places to eat.

After the fact, I would recommend Wards BBQ. Great ketchup based que... A short drive would take you to Manning SC and D&H BBQ, where they serve a tangy vinegar based que. Of course you could head over to Columbia and grab a bite at Maurices Piggy Park, Millendars, little Pigs and/or Sikes. All mustard based que !

Otherwise not alot of neat roadfood places to eat in Sumter. Unfortunately the town has given itself over to all the chains !!! There used to be a Soul Food place and a Jamaican resturant in the downtown area, but I believe they have closed.

Good luck and I hope you enjoyed the Iris festival at Swan Lake ! A great place to spend some time.
RE: Sumter SC eateries? Suggestions?? 2003/05/26 14:41:50
scbuzz: Thanks for reply! We haven't left FL yet! We leave Sunday June 1,2003! So your info is just in time! We won't be going to the iris "festival" as it's right now...Memorial Day weekend, as far as I know! Anyway we are looking forward to the lake and the irises and swans etc. How long a drive from 95 would you say it is? My map progam says about 20 miles each way. But it looks worth it don't you think? We are heading to Rocky Mount NC from Ridgeland SC as I said before. So Columbia is out for dining but if we can find the places mentioned right around Sumter that's where we'll dine! If not we'll have a picnic right there in the "park"! Thanks again! TTFN
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RE: Sumter SC eateries? Suggestions?? 2003/05/26 15:10:09

That is about right, 20 miles from 95. Yes ! I think that Swan Lake and the Iris gardens are worth the trip. Bring some bread and feed the beautiful swans and ducks ! Enjoy the Iris' and have a pleasant walk around the lake on a very nicely laid out walking path ! I think that a picnic in the park would be a wonderful suggestion. The park has many tables set out for such an event, some are even covered.

As for dinner (or eating at some other time), since you are heading up 95, you might want to consider RedBone Alley in Florence SC. An excellent locally owned and operated resturant. I am not sure of the exact address, they are on the web. They have a location in Sumter too, but I would recommend the Florence location if you can get there. It is the original location and I understand that the head chef (and resturant founder) works out of that location.

Good luck, enjoy your trip and enjoy Sumter !!!!