Florence SC?? Any suggestions?

2003/05/24 13:35:58
Another possibility on our trip north from FL is stopping at "Pee Dee State Farmer's Market" in Florence SC! Anyone been there? What's it like? Worth stopping? We'll be going through there on a Monday afternoon! Any suggestions for eats in Florenece SC near Rte 95? Thanks!
Ort. Carlton.
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RE: Florence SC?? Any suggestions? 2003/05/24 16:32:17
Without a map in front of me, I cannot regale you with how far it is from Florence to Holly Hill, but Bub Sweatman's in Holly Hill is a likely destination for you. Remember it's got limited hours, as do most of the pig-pickin' places in that area. (There doubtless are good places in and around Florence/Darlington/Hartsville, but I am ignorant of them.)
Up the road from there, I-95 passes through Weldon, North Carolina. Right beside the Interstate (but predating it) on U. S. 158 is Ralph's Bar-B-Q, and it is a goodie. They sport that vinegar sauce that you pour over the meat, plus they have a plethora of great sides on their buffet.
Farther on up the road (to quote the great Bobby "Blue" Bland), King's Barbecue in Petersburg, Virginia is likely the farthest-north outpost of real, live, non-corporate, authentic barbecue you are apt to find. It's not hard to get to: it's located on U. S. 460 Business on the far west side of town. Everyone knows how to get there.
Let us know what you find.
As If On 'Cue, Ort. Carlton in Athens, Georgia.
seafarer john
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RE: Florence SC?? Any suggestions? 2003/05/24 22:35:37
Ort: We never go down I-95 without stopping at Ralph's in Weldon. The pulled pork is fine, as are the hush puppies and the diningroom is very comfortable. We used to go way out of our way to go to Bob Melton's but after the big big flood a few years ago he moved someplace else and we havn't been there since.

The first time we went to Melton's we got lost and were asking directions when a guy in a pickup yelled over to us, "I'm going that way and I'll carry you over there". I looked at him quizzically, thinking he wanted us to leave our car and ride over to Melton's in the back of his pickup. He took off and we followed him to Melton's. When I pulled up beside him and thanked him for the help he said something like," Now you know what the 'carry' in'"Carry Me Back To Old Virginny' means". Not only were we the recipients of warm southern hospitality, we learned a wonderful little bit of southern American dialect that had never previously registered with us Yankees. Got to love the south!
RE: Florence SC?? Any suggestions? 2003/05/25 08:41:11
Thanks for the responses! Please keep 'em comin'! "Seafarer": is Weldon (Ralph's) in NC? My map program doesn't come up with a Weldon SC. I put in NC and there it be! Any other suggestions? I think I'm going to be writing a book about "places to eat and things to see along Rte I95" for us that travel between New England and Florida!!!!! I know...there's all ready one!!! What's the name of it!?? LOL TTFN