Air Tragedy

Corn Dog Queen
Junior Burger
2005/08/24 22:06:06
Just thought I'd let you all know about our last concession gig this summer. It was an Air show at our beautiful Marina.
The show was scheduled for 5:30 with the last Summer in the Parks Concert to follow. We set up around noon - don't like to rush and hoping on a bit a business before the show.
Was slow going then the crowds descended, good business but while I was cooking a friend came to inform us the show had been cancelled.
The Show was the Canadian Snow Birds, and one of the pilots was having technical difficulties, (they did one fly by over the park).
He decided to take his jet away from the crowds and ejected (he's OK)
and the plane went down close to our city garbage dump. Apparently it missed a farm house by 100 yards or so.
Just goes to show you, you never know what's going to happen at any given time at these outdoor events, rain, snow, crashes.
Crazy business, but we did good and so grateful no one was hurt, and the crowds didn't have to witness the accident.
Last gig with the Corn dogs till next year.........................
Get em while there hot !!