"Pollo Campero" Phenomenon

2005/08/25 13:55:31
"Pollo Campero", a Latin-American chicken franchise, has opened a store in Chicago. It's a big hit in the Windy City! I haven't tried it yet but have read that their chicken is absolutely fantastic. Has anyone ever tried "Pollo Campero"? If so, what's your opinion? Thanks.
RE: "Pollo Campero" Phenomenon 2005/08/25 16:11:20
There are several in Northern Virginia, have been for some time now. When they first opened the crowds were HUGE, lines around the building (and police directing traffic). They have since settled down to a thriving business. Latino customers predominate, but the crowd has a lot of variety. They seemed to me to be OK, but not tremendously better than Popeyes. I prefer the "Peruvian" chicken places myself (rotiserie).
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RE: "Pollo Campero" Phenomenon 2005/08/25 18:28:53
Originally posted by wilewil

There are several in Northern Virginia

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RE: "Pollo Campero" Phenomenon 2005/10/25 19:59:07
Are you serious? Virginia and Chicago has a Pollo Campero? Pollo Campero started opening up a high amount of locations here in Los Angeles. There has always been one in Downtown Los Angeles (Pico Union District) but i was always curious over the fact that there might be some more nationwide.

Pollo Campero comes third to my favorites after Church's Chiicken and Pioneer Chicken.
RE: "Pollo Campero" Phenomenon 2005/10/25 20:40:36
Originally posted by wilewil

I prefer the "Peruvian" chicken places myself (rotiserie).

We have a Peruvian rotisserie chicken place that just opened up in Maryland called Que Rico, it's on Reisterstown Road in Reisterstown. Very good chicken.
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RE: "Pollo Campero" Phenomenon 2005/10/26 10:52:51
Should this be in the new Forum for fast food/franchises?
RE: "Pollo Campero" Phenomenon 2005/10/26 11:50:54
Some info

RE: "Pollo Campero" Phenomenon 2005/11/07 23:30:07
I'm in Los Angeles. Their chicken is quite good, but they're lacking on the sides.

Then again I could just dine on the chicken.
RE: "Pollo Campero" Phenomenon 2005/12/30 20:33:45
My fiancee's mother brought some from Chicago for us and I thought it was great. I was born in Guatemala so this had a special meaning for me. She says that the one where she went to had huge lines and that she had read in the Chicago papers that 4 star chefs went and stood in the lines to get some Pollo Campero! I went to their web site and they are branching out all over especially where there is a big Hispanic population (which will be everywhere soon...Yeahoo!)
I also found out from my brother that one of the founders is a husband to my father's best friend's daughter! So if he reads this, please email me at carachapina@yahoo.com ( mi nombre is Carolina Barillas mi padre is Guillermo!)
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RE: "Pollo Campero" Phenomenon 2005/12/31 14:32:37
I wish they had one in Knoxville, TN. We do not have any good chicken here.

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