New Grill

cowboy bob 2
2005/08/25 23:00:18
I just bought a new Flat Grill electric and need some help with it.
I have to learn to cook all over again.
1. I cook eggs on it, I use rings, I butter first, break egg and cook at 375 degrees they turn out great.
2. I leave temp at 375 all day. The problem is when I do a hamburger on grill they stick and tend to break apart. Where am I going wrong? should I raise temp? Please help!
Cowboy Bob 2
RE: New Grill 2005/08/26 00:05:12
Lower the temp to 350... Grill needs to be broken in.. Also, make sure you have a grill thermometer.. What the dial might read may not be your actuall temp..

One other question before an answer. Whats the fat content of the burger you're using? If you have a higher grade beef with less fat, that may cause your sticking problem also.

RE: New Grill 2005/08/26 08:13:32
Sounds like Uncle Vic knows this area pretty well, but here are a couple of more thoughts: did you read the mfrs instructions on seasoning the griddle? maybe it needs to be scrubbed with one of those griddle screens every day for a while.

also, maybe butter's not the ideal fat. there are griddle compounds that might do much better and reduce the sticking, and have a higher effective temp. once butter breaks down its not very good at keeping things from sticking. and if you insist on butter, try making clarified butter which you can then apply quickly and accurately with a brush.

I'm curious to see how things work out, because I'm about to buy a 5' gas griddle. What make is yours?
cowboy bob 2
RE: New Grill 2005/08/27 21:32:23
Well, I tried to lower the temp. This doesn't work. so I raised the temp. It seems to work better. I have to scrape the grill between cookings, to make it non stick and I now use PAM spray, the eggs don't stick to the rings anymore.
The Make is ANVIL 15" elect Grill 110v for 329.00, I guess if you look up anvil products, it might be listed. If not go to www.the To tell the truth, I could cook dogs, hamburgers, and eggs faster on a George Forman. But, the board of health said "NOWAY, jose!", you need a fire supression unit to use them, but, with this grill I don't have to have it. go figure.
And with this grill I butter the bun and toast them on the grill people luv the taste. I got so busy yesterday. 8 people in line for my exotic dogs, I nuked them each for 30 seconds each put them on the grill for a great finish. each guy order 2 or 4 dogs each. Exotic includes Rajun Cajun, Sabrett, 1/4lb all beef, or Heb Nat ft long. I did about 25 exotics in 10min. flat. I am getting close to selling as many hamburgers as hot dogs now. about 300 hmbga a week.
Later CBB