Upper Mississippi dining.........

Junior Burger
2005/08/26 10:04:54
This summer I have had extreme pleasure of "discovering" 6 restaurants in Minnesota and/or Wisconsin.
THE NORTONS near Bay City, Wisconsin
NOSH in Wabasha,Minnesota
CONFLUENCE in Prescott, Wisconsin
HARBOR VIEW in Pepin Wisconsin
THE OLD FEED MILL in Mazomanie, Wisconsin
THE STAGS HEAD in Red Wing,Minnesota.
Superior food, superior cooking, freindly and knowledgeable staffs.
Anybody else?
RE: Upper Mississippi dining......... 2005/08/26 13:38:59
I haven't tried Confluence or the Old Feed Mill (yet! ) but I have eaten at the other four. While not exactly roadfood, Nosh is currently my favorite restaurant of all time. Their duck liver pate is absolutely the best thing I've ever put in my mouth.
Junior Burger
RE: Upper Mississippi dining......... 2005/08/29 12:28:24
No, I suppose they don't qualify as "road food", although
on the Sunday evening we were in Prescott, Wisconsin anyone could have easily walked in and had dinner at CONFLUENCE.
I loved NOSH too, but if I had to make a choice between
the two...........it would be CONFLUENCE>
RE: Upper Mississippi dining......... 2012/01/03 12:52:37
My wife and I eat at The Old Feed Mill several times a year; we're going for dinner this coming Thursday night (right now the mac 'n' cheese and chicken pot pie are especially appealing but that could change).
I'm surprised I haven't mentioned it here before!
Re:Upper Mississippi dining......... 2012/01/03 17:39:01
We liked harbor view, but it is all lower Mississippi to us.