Taco Del Mar

Sandy Eggo
2005/09/18 22:40:46
Oh No! I just found out today that Taco Del Mar is invading San Diego. That's OK, the franchisee's won't last long. The dull food that started in the Mexican food dearth of Seattle as comfort food to the UW crowd has spawed a big franchise business thanks to BIG BUCK from Microsoft Millionaries (that's another story) are now dipping their toes into San Diego.
Filet Mignon
RE: Taco Del Mar 2005/09/19 17:01:17
Taco Del Mar is not suffering much attrition from what I can see from here.

Their fish taco with cabbage and white sauce is a valid choice. Their burritos seem pretty good quality too ... but, as always, there is usually more viable Mexican fare nearby, if you have the roadfooder's knack for finding the good places ... especially closer to the border.
Sandy Eggo
RE: Taco Del Mar 2005/09/19 21:18:57
I lived in Seattle when Taco Del Mar was just starting up. Being from California (and returning after the gloom drove me to Prozac), I found a few good Mexican places in the greater Seattle area. Mama's Kitchen, El Toreador in Redmond, a place in Kent I can't remember the name of and some new places call Acapulco Fresh. Seattle doesn't have a very good variety of Mexican Food. Perhaps they are getting more as the migrants from east of the Cascades learn there more money in food than in field labor.

When Taco Del Mar stated off they used ground beef. Looks like they are upgrading their menu. But few outsiders that have ventured into San Diego survive. Taco Time would never make it here and is prboably why they are not here and Del Taco has only a few locations in the entire county. I've watched many Mexican places come and go as well as burger places like Rally's, Sonice, Charburger and others.
Filet Mignon
RE: Taco Del Mar 2005/09/20 02:42:30
Why do Taco del Mar when we have Robertos? Plus there's all those wonderful holes in the wall taquerias and carnecerias. SD won't embrace this outside upstart.
mr chips
Filet Mignon
RE: Taco Del Mar 2005/09/21 21:48:55
Taco Del Mar is for people who want a more prettified mexican food. Give me Burrito Loco anyday.
RE: Taco Del Mar 2005/10/16 20:43:12
Originally posted by enginecapt

Why do Taco del Mar when we have Robertos? Plus there's all those wonderful holes in the wall taquerias and carnecerias. SD won't embrace this outside upstart.

Hi Capt
I agree with you completely and love Roberto's (and the MIA Alberto's).
Yet, Taco Bell still manages to prosper here in San Diego. So it seems that there is a market for that type of food. Just Like McDonalds survives with what I consider to be an inferior product.
Saint Matt
RE: Taco Del Mar 2006/05/10 16:30:17
I went to Taco Del Mar in Scotts Valley, CA today for the first time. It's a chain and more fast foodish than Baja Fresh.

I ordered the three taco basket. It came with a handful of chips that reminded me of the ones Taco Bell serves.

I ordered three different tacos:

Fish. Since they are called "Taco Del Mar," I figured this would be their specialty. But, it was my least favorite of the three. The piece of fish was not all that large. The batter was not at all crispy, so I think it had been awhile since it had been fried. It had a "fishy" taste. They used a single corn tortilla, so it became soggy and fell apart before I could finish eating it.

Shredded beef. Actually not bad for a fast food place. A generous portion of mildly spicy beef. But, it had the same problem with the tortilla.

Ground Beef in a hard shell. Yes, the style of taco many of us gringos grew up eating. This was my favorite of the three. The tortilla did not disintegrate when I bit into it. Not too small. Way better than what you would get at Taco Bell or Del Taco. It makes me happy that a newer taco chain would have this on their menu.

Unless you are a fan of "Gringo style" tacos and are looking for something better than Taco Bell, there is no reason to go to Taco Del Mar. You should find something better at your local taquerias.