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2005/09/20 03:05:36
Joe Torre managed the Atlanta baseball club for a season or so years ago. While doing so he hooked up with a man named Tugi who operated a sandwich shop on Cambelton Road in SW Atlanta. The shop was on the left side of the road as you drove towards Greenbriar Mall. Tugi was a real eye opener for me. He had the best subs, heros, hoagies, call them what you will I've eaten, ever. They were far better than the chain store product now available around Atlanta, including those which may have originated in NYC or Jersey.

And not only cold cuts. For me, he set the standard for a meatball sub and for what I now call Philly cheesesteaks. He said the little boneless ribeyes he used for the cheesesteaks were not otherwise used within five hundred miles of his business. Tugi simply had a great touch with sandwiches.

Joe Torre moved on and the named changed to "Tugi's Subs" or something like. Eventually the business failed. Tugi may have been taken ill, or that might have been a reason to bail out, I don't know. I do wonder if anyone else around Atlanta remembers Tugi's and perhaps has some idea of what happened to him?

This business of two pieces of bread and a filling is way to broad for me to pick one only as a fav. I'll come back with some more comments later.

Born in OKC
RE: Tugi 2008/03/14 17:14:24
I thought I'd try to get my query to a more visible spot and to ask a couple more questions.

Did Joe Torre ever lend his name to a food operation anywhere else?

Where was he seen eating sub sandwiches while managing the Yankees?

If there is a butcher who reads this thread, what is the practical limit for machine slicing a whole boneless rib eye like I see on sale at Kroger's sometimes into portions for a Philly Chesse Steak? One eight inch? One quarter inch? Or to what thiness?

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RE: Tugi 2008/03/15 07:55:10
Not a butcher but I do use rib eyes for cheese steak subs at home. I put the meat in the freezer for about twenty minutes then slice it as thin as possible using one of these -


Hope this helps.