Lunch Bar!

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2005/09/20 19:22:30 (permalink)

Lunch Bar!

Does anyone remember a candy bar called a Lunch Bar it was the cheap mans Hershey Bar. It only cost 3 cents. I also remember getting them a lot during Halloween.

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    RE: Lunch Bar! 2005/09/28 20:15:06 (permalink)
    Yes, I remember them. The last time I bought one must have been around 1964.
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    RE: Lunch Bar! 2005/10/07 19:14:35 (permalink)
    Yes, I used to get a lot of them on Halloween, probably because they were cheaper than Hershey bars. The wrappers were a dark bluish-green, as I recall.
    Sandy Eggo
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    RE: Lunch Bar! 2005/10/07 21:16:27 (permalink)
    Cadburys makes them. I remember seeing them in a British Food store were we buy these flaky Cadbury chocolates. Cadbury Flakes.
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    RE: Lunch Bar! 2006/06/26 01:42:35 (permalink)
    Frankly, I think Halloween was the only time these abominations were ever sold. Certainly it was the only time we saw them. I think cheapskates bought them because you got more in a bag. And since the apartment complex I lived in included 400 townhouses with an average of 1.2 kids per unit.... that was a helluva lot of candy to buy.
    I remember that we ALL hated them! You know how kids will eat anything? Not Lunch Bars! We'd seperate them out and try to trade them to other, less discerning kids, usually 3-4 Lunch Bars in exchange for something by Mars, Nestle, or Hershey. Or they would sit in the plastic jack'o'lantern candy bucket MONTHS after all the other candy was eaten, finally to be thrown out by moms in the Spring.

    Gourmet Bill
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    RE: Lunch Bar! 2007/11/04 17:39:44 (permalink)
    When your 11 and you only have a few pennies in your pocket it was great.
    I walked into the local pharmacy or dry good store with all the confidence of a millionare and purchased a couple of those Lunch Bars. I can't remember if they were good or not. Back then we didn't care.

    I do remember the SkyBar and the 7-Up bar. They sort of tasted like medicine...not real good choclate. (by the way, weren't they the same candy or changed their name or something?)
    Janet D.
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    Re:Lunch Bar! 2010/06/08 14:24:45 (permalink)
    I loved this little candy bar! Bought it at a "mom & pop" store near  our  home. Often the owner would give us 2 for 5cents! Quite a bargain ,when you're 7 yrs. old.  Does anyone remember the CHO CHO BAR icecream? It was a frozen chocolate malted treat?  I'd love to have one today....
    Junior Burger
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    Re:Lunch Bar! 2013/06/10 22:35:09 (permalink)
       Bless you for remembering Lunch Bars!  For awhile I thought I was the only person who ever ate one -- inexpensive chocolate with chopped fine nuts, a dark green wrapper with white and red text, 3 cents for 1 and 2 for a nickel.  When I had a dime to spend, I could get 7 cents worth of penny candy AND a chocolate bar --- wow!
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