Nemo cakes

Junior Burger
2005/09/28 15:15:34
I was listening to the morning radio show here in St. Louis and they were talking about how good these Ne-mo's snack cakes are! They even said the cinnamin buns were better than the Cinnubun chain. I am looking for them here in town. The radio show is out of the Tampa, FL area. Has anyone tasted them-lets here your review.
Filet Mignon
RE: Nemo cakes 2005/09/28 16:33:24
I have not had them in a few years due to the carbs. I think they are shipped frozen and thawed at your local C store. Get 'em when they are freshly thawed, and they are about the best packaged snack cake that I know of. I was partial to the carrot cake. I think they are from Calf and spelled Nemos. Lots of stuff on Google.
Junior Burger
RE: Nemo cakes 2005/10/16 22:42:46
Ne-Mo's are fan-freakin'-tastic. (I'm familiar with the morning show you listen to, too!! MJ is the best!)

Ne-Mo's Bakery, Inc. - Food Service Directory of fast food brands, restaurant franchises and chains, restaurants
416 N. Hale Ave.
Escondido, California 92029
United States
(760) 741-5725
FAX: (760) 741-0659
Ne-Mo's line of Fine Bakery Products includes: Muffins, Cake Squares, 2 and 4 oz. Cake Slices, Pocket Danish, Cinnamon Rolls, Mini Loaves, Cake-Breads, Coffee Cakes, and Specialty Cakes such as Bundt and Dome Cakes.