Pittsburgh Chicken and Taters

Junior Burger
2005/10/01 03:18:48
I went to Pittsburgh Chicken and Taters in Los Alamitos yesterday with a couple buddies. The chicken is broasted and I was very impressed!!!! Very good stuff. They offer four different seasonings, original, cajun, lemon pepper, and plain. I got to try the cajun-not all that spicy but decent flavor, original-nice crunch and flavor, and lemon peppere-my favorite, a nice tangy flavor. Each seasoning had a nice crunchy skin and tender moist chicken.

I've never been to Pittsburgh but isPittsburgh known for their broasted chicken? I thought it was Iron City Beer and a sandwich from Primanti Brothers.

Pittsburgh Chicken and Taters
3671 Katella Ave.,
Los Alamitos, CA
(562) 594-0140
RE: Pittsburgh Chicken and Taters 2005/10/01 08:19:51
No, Pittsburgh is not known for Broasted Chicken
Besides Primanti Brothers Pittsburgh is also known for Steak Salad, Pirogies, Halushki, kolbassi and other Polish/Slovak delicasies.