Fried cakes

Julia I
2003/05/27 11:25:01
When I was growing up, my grandmother in Madison WI used to buy heavenly morsels from the Women's Exchange Bakery. She insisted that I call them fried cakes, but most people would say donuts. According to Grandma, fried cakes NEVER have toppings. Made of cake-like batter in which flecks of spices were clearly visible, and fried to a delicate crunch on the outside, we used to buy them by the multiple dozen when we arrived on Saturdays for football games. They had a flavor that surpassed most bakery donuts that I have eaten, probably because of those spices.

Has anyone else ever heard the term fried cakes used? The bakery is long gone, and despite an unending search I have only found one other bakery that makes donuts (excuse me, fried cakes) that live up to the WE Bakery version, the Bay Bakery in Whitefish Bay, WI. Now we have to pick them up there early so that we can deliver them to my sister in Madison on football Saturdays!
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Fried cakes 2003/05/27 12:15:50
Never heard the term "Fried cakes" but we do have cake donuts. Which I like very much. I love a good cake donut and Entemans (?sp) sells them in our local grocery store !
RE: Fried cakes 2003/05/28 22:07:22
When in Lancaster PA I have to make a trip to the downtown City Market for picnic provisions. But the real reason I go there is for the cake donuts with powdered sugar. Don't know the name of the bakery counter where I get them. Just know I have to have one or two for the road and some snickerdoodles for later in the day.
Julia I
RE: Fried cakes 2003/05/30 08:31:35
Lots of places sell cake donuts, and I have tasted Entemann's from the grocery store, but these were much, much better. Even bakery cake donuts are usually white or light cream colored when you break them open, and the outside is light brown and fairly soft. These fried cakes were dark cream colored with brown speckles on the inside, and had a craigy, dark brown outside that had a very slight crunch when you bit into it. You would never even consider putting frosting on them, they totally didn't need anything. I have tried cake donuts from dozens of bakeries nationwide (everyone needs a hobby ) but none of them measure up, except for that one bakery, the Bay Bakery. They make lots of other unusual, tasty things, so I shouldn't be surprised. It is more of a surprise that I wasn't able to find them anywhere else.
RE: Fried cakes 2003/05/30 12:01:48
I've had some bear claws and fritters that sound pretty close to what you're describing. Crispy dark brown outside with a cinnamon speckled soft inside, but they have always been glazed.
RE: Fried cakes 2006/05/02 01:46:06
I think only certain ethnic groups may have used the word "fried Cakes". My grandma was of Swiss-Amish-German background and she called them "fried cakes". Perhaps also she called them that because she came from a farm and they did not have fancy things like She called ALL doughnuts "fried cakes' though...
RE: Fried cakes 2006/05/02 13:28:24
You would probably really enjoy the old-fashioned doughnuts, if you ever get out that way, at Wall Drugs in South Dakota. Trust me, if you're anywhere in the state, you'll find this place.

Nothing fancy, just hot, fried doughnuts from a recipe I'm sure dates back to at least WWII. Plain or dredged in cinnamon sugar while hot and moist. Ridiculously low prices. Absolutely fresh and hot.

Great coffee. Fascinating store.

- Rusty