Picadillo taco

Junior Burger
2005/10/12 09:36:33
How do you make a picadillo taco? I like it with potatoes and not to greasy.
lone nut
RE: Picadillo taco 2005/10/13 04:29:10
Well, as I pointed out in a post earlier this eve, the addition of finely chopped potato should allow you to get rid of all the grease in the beef, yet still retain a nice savory moistness. I hate dry and crumbly tacos. Can't help you with the spices, I would assume a little chili powder, cumin and garlic wouldn't hurt, maybe drain the grease, add a little water to the pan, stir in the spices, and simmer till it looks right. Shells? Find the thinnest ones you can.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Picadillo taco 2005/10/14 14:43:04
What exactly is a Picadillo taco? Sounds yummy with beef and potatoes. Is it a regional item? Is there a specific restaurant that sells them?
RE: Picadillo taco 2005/10/14 15:31:51
Around here, picadillo(oregon) is generally a shredded beef/peppers mixture, but as you can see, the variations are quite wide. Can include fruit, must include peppers, in my mind. The potatoes are an accessory.