Breakfast around the world

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RE: Breakfast around the world 2006/04/13 17:57:54
I grew up in NW New Mexico - adjacent to the Navajo Nation. Their traditional breakfast is mutton stew, which can be a very enjoyable way to start the day. No one in my family agrees with me on that.

Currently, about five times each week, I have a bowl of oatmeal from a mix I keep on hand. It was inspired by a recipe in Taste of Home. I have made modest modifications to make it more to my liking. Seldom do I want another bite of food before noon - some five hours after breakfast.

Twenty-five years ago, I was back in my New Mexico hometown and a local lady came by our shop during the morning break with a trunk load of homemade burritos. If I got up late and skipped breakfast, these burritos got me by easily. They were so tasty. Refried beans, flour tortillas, ground beef, and her mix of seasonings were incredible. She put 12 children through the University of New Mexico on these burritos.

Now that I am in the south, my favorite breakfast out is two fried eggs (over medium), grits and toast. Eat the eggs first, mix the remaining yolk and some butter with the grits and I am ready to start my day. If bacon, ham or sausage is available - so much the better. The same is true if biscuits and gravy is offered - sausage gravy or redeye gravy is even better.

Now I'm ready for breakfast and it is 6 pm.
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RE: Breakfast around the world 2006/04/23 22:05:53
Here in our household during the week it's usually something quick like toast with deli meat, or nuked leftovers.
On Sundays, we'll usually have omelettes or scrambled eggs (both filled with peppers, onions, and cheese) along with bacon or sausage and biscuits. There's always salsa or hot sauce to accompany the eggs. Sometimes we also have country ham bisquits for the Sunday breakfast.

RE: Breakfast around the world 2006/04/24 00:25:29
Originally posted by Davydd

Had some great breakfasts in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The Diplomat Hotel had a buffet of several fruits and at least 5 different fruit juices every morning. Down the street, Dumbo's had a full line up of breakfasts. The only strange thing was the potatoes were generally what we think of as French fries but they were cold. They served Empanadas and Saltenas. The can best be described as small pastie like servings a little smaller than your fist. Inside were meats, potatoes and vegetables. The ones we had also had a small hard boiled quail egg inside.

But the best thing of all was the price. I had the Americanos one day that consisted of coffee, juice, 2 eggs, bacon, potatoes, toast and a pastry all for $1.75.

Welsh bacon with fresh baked hard crusted bread covered with butter as yellow as the yolk of a country farm egg.


Tortillas, beans, scrambled eggs, cheese, green salsa, fruit juice and a small bottle of Mezcal. . . at the plaza in Oaxaca, Mex.
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RE: Breakfast around the world 2006/04/24 03:09:05
Originally posted by Adjudicator

Red Baron has been making frozen breakfast pizzas for some fave featured gravy, cheese, bacon and scrambled eggs on the personal sized pizza crust.
RE: Breakfast around the world 2006/04/28 22:50:43
My overall favorite.

Jugo Central in Antigua Guatemala. Granola, honey, yogurt, papaya, pineapple, oranges, melons, other fruit, and honey. Or...scrambled eggs with tomatos and onion, black beans, plantains, fresh salsa, sour cream....


RE: Breakfast around the world 2007/05/23 18:52:21
When I went to Europe in 1962 I learned to love unsalted butter and any good dense bread or hard roll.

For a restaurant breakfast here my favorite is an American cheese omelet with a pancake and maple syrup. There's something really good about that cheese and syrup combination!

My husband makes outstanding biscuits and sausage or bacon gravy on weekends!
RE: Breakfast around the world 2007/05/24 00:23:55
in Bolivia:
salteñas(the ones i had were filled with shredded cheese) with hot cup of tea very very tasty those salteñas!

In Costa Rica:
lots of fresh fruit and fruit juices from the hotel buffet bar

In Paris:
a simple free breakfast at the hotel: croissants, rolls, juice or milk, fruit spreads

In London:
the most horrible breakfast for me (of course, i was six weeks pregnant): the Full English Breakfast I opted for cereal and milk instead

At home, prior to trying eating healthier it was typically french toast with lots of butter and syrup or when I visit my family on weekends it's barbacoa with refried beans, fried potatoes, and a Big Red or every once in a while menudo with flour tortillas topped with fresh lime juice and of course more Big Red.
RE: Breakfast around the world 2007/05/24 11:24:20
N.J. breakfast - Taylor ham and cheese on a hard roll with coffee, regular. Or just a buttered hard roll.
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RE: Breakfast around the world 2007/05/24 14:39:55
To return to the original question:

When I was a kid, my mother would make an Asian style of breakfast, too--she pan-fried cold leftover rice with a little salt or soy sauce, often with diced leftover meat added. I grew up hating the cold cereal breakfasts my friends' parents tended to serve.

My mother also made American breakfasts, things such as cinnamon toast or eggs. Sometimes we ate leftovers from the previous night's dinner. Always something hearty and hot.

These days I normally eat a good cold cereal such as Kashi Strawberry Fields (I'm very picky about which ones) with milk, slivered almonds, and sliced banana. I'll add something else if I am going to be physically active right away, such as a slice of meat or some peanut butter on whole-wheat English muffin.

But my favorite breakfasts are full meals, and hot. One of the best is breakfast burritos of fresh tortillas stuffed with bacon, real home fries (fresh-cut and not precooked or frozen), scrambled egg, a *small* amount of shredded cheese, and smothered in pork-based smoky-garlicky green chile. Add some fresh fruit to that, and it's a complete meal.
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RE: Breakfast around the world 2007/05/24 16:24:20
I think I'll pass ona FOUR time post since '95
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RE: Breakfast around the world 2007/05/26 21:00:53
Breakfast...sigh. I am post op bariatric surgery, currently not doing well, and home on TPN nutrition, not eating much, awaiting a reversal..but I digress....

Before surgery, weekdays..whatever..and coffee.

But on weekends..either made the whole shebang for the family or my favorite....enjoyed in the peace of the morning, with my coffee...
Taylor Ham, egg, and cheese, on a toasted buttered Thomas' English muffin, with ketchup. I'd eat two of these babies...sigh
RE: Breakfast around the world 2007/06/22 17:37:23
When I lived in Korea, we ate this wonderful pumpkin gruel that was thick and sweet. I loved it. Plus, we ate kimchi, fried fish and rice. That got old.

Now? I love 2 or 3 eggs, sunny and runny, right on top of a bowl of grits. Or, the same on top of a waffle, no syrup.
RE: Breakfast around the world 2008/06/20 10:09:13
Paris: baguette with butter and marmalade, yogurt, fresh fruit, granola, cold cuts, cheeses, pastries, juices, and fantastic coffee - all included with your hotel room.

Rio: cold cuts and cheeses served at room temperature, exotic juices, fresh breads and pastries, omelettes and uncured bacon and sausage - all included with your hotel room.

La Paz: maraqueta (a small baguette) with butter and local fresh liverwurst, saltenas (fist-sized sweetish pastries filled with pork, chicken, beef- and their juices - plus finely diced potatos, a black olive, and a quail egg). If every American was given one "sample saltena" a 1,000 unit chain of Saltenarias would spring up almost overnight!

New York: the brunch buffet at the Palm Court of The Plaza, 5th & CPS in the capital of the world. This was $60/pp back in the '90's and was worth every cent. They opened up their lesser ballroom that adjoins the Palm Court and offered caviar, all vatieties of exotic (to this Presbyterian hick) smoked fish and meats, super colossal cocktail shrimp, etc. all set among ten or so beautiful ice sculptures. It did not go with our room, but having a room put you at the head of the line (one time wifey and I were put in ahead of Sam Waterston!). The Plaza recently reopened but I note sadly that Brunch is presently a la carte.
RE: Breakfast around the world 2008/06/20 10:23:04
This is a great old topic. I love Breakfast!!! And I love variety. I love a great "continental breakfast when in Europe...Crusty French or Italian bread,sweet bun, and strong coffee.. wakes you up!
I'm a fan of the full English breakfast,right down to the tea and beans...At home I love the traditional stuff,Pancakes,waffles,Eggs any way, porkroll,sausage,bacon!!
Sometimes I'm in the mood for cooked cereal:Farina,Wheetina,etc...or just plane Rice Krispies or Cheereos!
Think...why should breakfast be different from dinner? We don't eat the same dinner every night!!!! Variety is the spice of life...why today I had a bowl of cheese grits!! Tomorrow...who knows!!!
RE: Breakfast around the world 2008/06/25 23:45:36
A little off the subject but when I was pregnant in 05 with my son, all night long I would crave breakfast. I'd wake up at 1am and crave eggs over medium, fried SPAM (my favorite) two slices of buttered toast and a tall glass of chocolate milk. Afraid of giving in to all these calories, I'd eat a bowl of Rice Chex and have my "real" breakfast AS soon as I'd wake up!!!
RE: Breakfast around the world 2008/06/26 00:09:32
When I lived in France, the only thing I liked was a piece of crispy baguette (bought fresh every day) with a good spread of butter from the local farmers. At the time, the French thought that our "American breakfast" of eggs, bacon and so forth was HORRIBLE!

We do not eat breakfast at home, neither of us are hungry in the morning. The only time we truly enjoy breakfast is when we're camping. We have a 3-burner stove in the camper and it seems like forever to get breakfast ready, but it sure is GOOD!
RE: Breakfast around the world 2008/06/26 05:08:59
In Oshkosh, WI at grandpa's house: slow-cooked yellow cornmeal mush with
whole milk and sugar.
RE: Breakfast around the world 2008/06/26 07:03:00
I realy like smoked salmon in the morning.
Ahhh! memories of a cruise. Smoked salmon on a cream cheese bagel. Lovely! breakfast appetizer.

But! for stick to your ribs (and every where else) southern breakfast, fresh out of the oven biscuits, good cream gravy (its a science), country sausage. And don't forget, the two over easy fried eggs.

Your good to go.

RE: Breakfast around the world 2008/06/26 07:18:07
We were in Lancaster,Pa this week in Amish country...had pancakes and fried chicken for breakfast!
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RE: Breakfast around the world 2008/06/28 01:06:23
My family's from England, and I love the English approach (although I guess it's not done like this as often these days--everyone's in a hurry). Eggs, bacon (English bacon, not American), grilled tomatoes, bangers, and fried bread (or toast, if you prefer). I'm a sucker for (English) orange marmalade, and I'm addicted to bangers. Oh, you can also put honey on your toast. Or lemon curd. Oh man.
RE: Breakfast around the world 2008/06/28 01:13:33
Ice cold *can* of coke. (really carbonated gets you awake as it burns on the way down) and a cold blueberry or cherry frosted poptart! Now that's breakfast!

Occasionally a bacon only biscuit and hashbrowns from McD's with a Dr. Pepper. (see rule about *can* of coke, can't drink fountain or bottle until at least lunchtime)

I'm not much on pancakes and such. Occasionally on a Sunday blueberry pancakes w/ sugar free syrup (the sugar free tastes much better to me, guess i'm weird), hash browns and toast with margarine.
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