"Unique" Sighting

Filet Mignon
2005/10/13 23:46:41
I just came back from La Guardia Airport (NYC) and saw UNIQUE Pretzels (3 varieties!) for sale on a snack rack!!!!

OMG, did they fly in from Reading PA?

UNIQUE is The Best and it's great that they're expanding their market!!! (Tho I never knew that La Guardia was a hot center for fancy food...)

(But with all the rain on East Coast lately, it was a bit disconcerting to see pails and buckets all over the airport because the roof was leaking!!! Now how reassuring is that?)
RE: "Unique" Sighting 2005/10/14 09:39:24
Hooray for the Uniques (had some for a late snack last night) and Booooo for the leaking roof at the airport. YIKES! " />
Filet Mignon
RE: "Unique" Sighting 2011/02/04 19:56:56
OMG!!! Just saw some in Manhattan, near Columbus Circle. A smaller bag, $1.49. At PAX Foods Deli, 57th St & Bway. And I bought some!!! Welcome to NYC, Unique  : )