Chicago burritos

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2005/10/19 14:58:50
Anyone have any thoughts on where to get the best burrito in Chicago? I think the biggest are probably at Burrito Buggy on Van Buren Street downtown, but they're not necessarily the best. I enjoy the ones I get at a chain called Taco Fresco, but that's a national chain, so it shouldn't really count. I don't really have a favorite local choice, so maybe people can give some recommendations. Thanks.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Chicago burritos 2005/10/27 17:09:12
I can't believe it's been a week and not a single person has a suggestion. That means either Chicago has no decent burritos or everyone is just too busy watching the White Sox -can't blame them if that's the case. But now that the World Series is over, maybe I can get some responses.
Filet Mignon
RE: Chicago burritos 2005/10/27 18:26:13
No help here-it's subject that I have NO knowledge in--sorry
RE: Chicago burritos 2005/10/27 20:16:14
I used to live in Wicker Park and everyone always went ta La Pasidita on Ashland south of Division. There are actually three places called La Pasidita on the block, the best is the one on the west side of Ashland just south of the Pizza Hut parking lot. The steak burrito was always great with a nice hit of cilantro...
RE: Chicago burritos 2005/10/27 20:33:13
Sorry Buckaroo, I don't usually hang out in the Mexican Food Forum and your query must have gotten bumped out of the current topics section pretty quick. Anyway, as long as we're here, I do have some ideas on the subject.

For a more casual carry out experience, try any of the "Burrito House locations around town. I usually got to the one on Addison just east of Kedzie or the one on Lincoln Avenue a little south of Addison. They serve two sizes, a junior or a king size. Due to my advancing age and dwindling metabolism, the junior is more than enough for me lately. They use very fresh ingredients, generously applied. One caveat: a burrito with "everything" does not include onions or cilantro unless you specifically ask for them.

For a sit-down meal try "Tecalitlan" (pronounced "TECK a leedle ON") on Chicago Avenue about 3-4 blocks west of Ashland. Back in the day when I worked downtown, a group of us made Tecalitlan a weekly stop. They start you off with chips served with an outstanding version of pico de gallo. Then my buddy and I would get a steak burrito and an avocado burrito and split them. That way we could say we'd gotten our meat and vegetables that day. They serve their burritos one size fits all, somewhere between Burrito House's junior and the football sized burritos served in so many places. As I recall, lunch at Tecalitlan was so filling I rarely ate dinner at home that night.

BTW, although I don't recall ever eating there, I've also heard good things about La Pasadita, mentioned above.
Mark in Ohio
RE: Chicago burritos 2005/10/27 22:50:25
Okay, I will be in the western burbs of Chicago in a couple of weeks and I would like to find a Taco Fresco or a Burrito House. Any chance of finding one near Naperville, Lisle or St. Charles?
Filet Mignon
RE: Chicago burritos 2005/10/28 08:27:44
There is a Taco Fresco in the Geneva Commons on Randall Road in Geneva however wander in to Aurora on New York Street from Naperville and you will find a number of family run Mexican places and a few taco stands. I know of one area on New York Street where there is a whole block of small mercados and at least one mobile taco stand. Aurora has a large Hispanic population and you'll find places all over the city.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Chicago burritos 2005/10/28 08:47:05
I wish I knew the name of it but when I was a senior in high school I was being recruited by the U of C football team. On my recruiting trip my host tool me out for steak buritos somewhere near the university. They were huge and really good but I cannot for the life of me remeber the name of the place.
Junior Burger
RE: Chicago burritos 2005/10/28 09:57:08
i live in uptown, and there's a great place by me (on lawrence, just west of broadway) called 'carmela's taqueria.' small, spotless and friendly - and the burritos are all of $3.50. it's great - easily my favorite in town.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Chicago burritos 2005/10/31 16:14:20
Thanks, everyone. I can't wait to try some of these places. I love the idea of a burrito flavored with cilantro.

On a sad note, I heard that one of my favorite sit-down Chicago Mexican Restaurants, Lindo Mexico on Lincoln Ave., has closed.
Filet Mignon
RE: Chicago burritos 2005/11/01 08:56:14
Originally posted by danimal15

Thanks, everyone. I can't wait to try some of these places. I love the idea of a burrito flavored with cilantro.

I go to a little hole in the wall, Mike and Miguel's, on Anderson Blvd. in Geneva, Il. I have discovered that when you ask them to make anything Mexican style, you will get cilantro, lime and a little white cheese instead of the "standard" yellow cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. A few weeks ago I had the absolute worst Mexican meal ever at a place in DeKalb. I ordered a stacked enchilada hoping that it would be like the stacked enchiladas you can get in New Mexico which are layered not rolled. Instead I got 3 tiny enchiladas, rolled, smothered in 5 inches of cold lettuce, yellow cheese and tomatoes. I asked for a second plate to scrape all that stuff off so I could find the pathetic little enchiladas.