REAL buttermilk pie

2005/10/30 15:38:59
I wish I could find real buttermilk. Not the faux buttermilk in the groceries, but the liquid left after you churn butter.

My grandparents had a dairy farm and raised Jersey cows. Once a week my grandmother would make butter(in a glass churn) and the dessert for dinner that day was always buttermilk pie. It was so good!!! I've tried using store bought buttermilk, but it is not even close to the taste of Grandma's pie.

I live near Indianapolis and we now have a local creamery that sell pasteurized, but not homogonized milk. They say that they are going to start making butter and selling buttermilk.

Until then, does anyone know where to get "real" buttermilk?
RE: REAL buttermilk pie 2005/11/05 12:11:09
Have you thought about making you own?